Vivaldi 3.0 Build 1874.7 Features Sounds for Clock Alarms

The most innovative and feature rich Vivaldi browser has got a new portion of updates in the developer snapshot 1874.7. Besides general fixes and improvements, there are a couple of changes made to the clock and video pop-out features.

In the Clock Alarm feature, you can now specify a sound for its notifications. Right-click on the clock area in the status bar of Vivaldi. From the Notification sound, you can pick the sound you want to hear for alarms.

Vivaldi Clock Alarm Feature

Vivaldi Clock Feature Vivaldi Clock Alarm Sounds

In the pop-out video (Picture-in-Picture) you can now seek forward and backwards using cursor (arrow) keys.

There are also fixes in the developer snapshot.

  • [Address bar] Completed characters overwritten when typing in the URL field quickly, after opening a new tab (VB-61340)
  • [Address bar] Esc should only close the drop down but not the ‘search as a button’ popup (VB-65746)
  • [Address bar][Extensions] Clicking twice on an extension should close the the popup (VB-65289)
  • [Address bar][Extensions] Popup arrow becomes misaligned (VB-65248)
  • [Address bar][Extensions] Switching extensions should result in correct popup opening and closing (VB-65382)

Vivaldi 3.0 is close to its final release, bringing its exciting features to the stable branch. On of them I personally waiting for is the built-in ad and tracker blocker.

Vivaldi Ad Blocker 1

Vivaldi Ad Blocker Ad Subscriptions

You can download the current developer snapshot from the official announcement.

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  1. Zelanium

    Browser is closed source despite it’s built on Chromium. Hu?


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