Vivaldi 1.5.651.10: Advanced tab dragging, Chromecast support

A new weekly snapshot of the innovative Vivaldi browser comes with a few interesting changes. Vivaldi 1.5.651.10 comes with Chromecast support and improved tab dragging.

Since version 1.5.618.8, Vivaldi allows the user to move tabs between windows using drag and drop. Developers today released a version, which improves tab management.
vivaldi-build-types-blog The following new options were added:

  • Drag selections of tabs (Shift or Ctrl click) to another window.
  • Drag tab stacks between windows.
  • Drag a tab in and out of a tab stack: to drag out, grab one of the little sub-tabs at the top
  • Drag a tab to the trash: drag it down first and then over to the trash

Additionally, Vivaldi comes with Chromecast support directly within the browser.

Download Vivaldi 1.5.651.10

There is no macOS build available, due to a couple of serious issues that appeared following the (Chromium) engine update, relating to page display and how autoupdate works. More details can be found in the official Vivaldi blog.



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