6 thoughts on “How to Add a Sign-in Message in Windows 10

  1. George

    Looks just the thing for Winaero Tweaker ;)

  2. ["-"]

    Add it to winaero tweaker

  3. bricksteh

    nice winaero!

  4. Yusuf


    I want to change the background color from blue to black. Any ideas?

  5. Rocco

    Just a minor thing, but I notice that importing tweaks from a file imports the title of the message on both the title AND message portions… perhaps the code for importing has those two values set the same? I fell in love with Winaero Tweaker from the moment I found it, but this is just one minor thing I’ve noticed since using it on version 17, and even now in version 19.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Thanks. Must be a bug.


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