You can now send a page from Edge Stable to other devices

It appears that Microsoft slowly finishes rolling out a neat feature that allows transferring tabs between devices in the Edge browser. Many users, including us, report seeing a new button in the address bar called "Send this page." Clicking that button reveals a list of devices with Microsoft Edge installed and signed in with your Microsoft Account. Those devices include Windows PCs, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices with Microsoft Edge. In other words, all devices with the latest versions of Microsoft Edge.


It is important to note that Edge Stable on iOS and Android currently does not support sharing tabs. That is because those versions are still behind desktop counterparts. While Edge on desktops is already on version 91 (92 in Beta and 93 in Dev/Canary,) Edge Stable on mobile is still stuck on version 43. The good thing is that sending tabs to other devices works in preview channels on mobile. On Android, you can install Beta, Dev, or Canary versions from the Google Play Store. On iOS, though, you need an invitation to participate in beta testing.

To send a page from Microsoft Edge on a desktop, click the address bar and find a button with a laptop icon.

Edge Stable Send Tabs Between Devices 1

Alternatively, right-click a tab and select Send Page to Your Devices.

Edge Stable Send Tabs Between Devices 3

Microsoft Edge will open a small popup with a list of all your devices and the last active time. If you send a page to another computer, it will get a push notification with the link. To receive a web page on mobile, launch Microsoft Edge and tap a popup with the link.

Edge Stable Send Tabs Between Devices 2

Recently, Microsoft made several improvements to how sending pages between devices work in Edge. When the browser receives a tab sent from another device, it shows a small button on the toolbar, not a system push notification. That change allows receiving tabs from other devices even when you have disabled notifications in Microsoft Edge.

If you cannot spot the "Send this page" button in the address bar, give Microsoft Edge a few more days. Microsoft often practices gradual roll-outs, which means some features may take up to several weeks before they reach all Microsoft Edge users.

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Author: Taras Buria

Taras is here to cover stories about Microsoft and everything around, although sometimes he prefers Apple. You can stay in touch with him on Twitter.

One thought on “You can now send a page from Edge Stable to other devices”

  1. Edge for Windows 102.0.1245.39 (Stable):

    The ‘Send to devices’ button is still there when you click on the Address bar, but it’s missing from the Right Click context menu. It was there until recently.

    Has it disappeared from the Right Click Context menu for others?

    I’ve tried ‘resetting sync’, although it should be noted it is working but Microsoft seem to have removed it from the Right Click menu :(


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