XFCE: How to assign Win key to open apps menu

XFCE is one of my favorite desktop environments in Linux along with MATE. By default, it uses the Alt + F1 key sequence to open the apps menu. If you prefer to use the Win key to open the apps menu, here is how to configure XFCE to work this way.

To assign Win key to open the apps menu in XFCE, do the following:

  1. Open the apps menu and go to Settings -> Keyboard:xfce menu settings keyboard
  2. In the Keyboard dialog, go to the Application Shortcuts tab. Find the line

    xfce menu keyboard apps shortcuts

  3. Double click the value of the "Shortcut" column. The following dialog will be opened:xfce keyboard command dialog
  4. Press the Win key on the keyboard. It will appear as "Super_L" in the shortcut list.xfce assign Win key to apps menu

Now you will be able to open the applications menu using the Win key in XFCE. That's it.

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1 thought on “XFCE: How to assign Win key to open apps menu

  1. vinz

    Better use ksuperkey. It remaps the super key cleaner to not interfere with other combinations.
    Despite it’s name it works fine with Xfce.


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