Xbox One now supports Bioshock series through backward compatibility

BioShock: The Collection has been recently released for Xbox One, featuring three games remastered for the current console generation. However, it's a separate bundle that Xbox One users needed to purchase again even if they had all three games for Xbox 360. But now finally, Microsoft has added backward compatibility support for the original 360 games.

You might want to use Xbox 360 versions if you haven't finished getting all of the achievements or if you prefer replaying the game just as it was originally released. Either way, now you have a chance to do so on your Xbox One.

Jump back into the Bathysphere and head to the ocean depths. Fight off splicers and Big Daddies just like you did almost a decade ago in Rapture. Or, you can catch the next flight to Columbia as Booker DeWitt and rejoin Elizabeth. Never got around to unlocking all the achievements in the old BioShock games? Now you can complete the mission.

The addition of BioShock games to the long list of already available Xbox 360 games extends it to more than 300 titles! The list will surely continue to grow adding more popular titles gamers around the world originally played on the Xbox 360.

As always, to play the original Xbox 360 versions of BioShock series of games, just insert your disk into the Xbox One.

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Author: Roman Linev

Long time news writer, Microsoft ecosystem fan, Android user. Loves Japanese culture, photography and his cats. You can also follow Roman on Twitter.

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