Win+X Menu Editor v3.0 is out

I released a new version of my freeware app, Win+X Menu Editor, which provides you a simple and useful way to edit Win+X menu without system file modification. It keeps your system integrity untouched. This version is compatible with Windows 10 Creators Update. Here is what's new in this version.

Win+X Menu Editor is a free tool with an easy-to-use GUI that does not patch any system files to disable the hash check. Using it, you can add or remove shortcuts to the Win+X menu, change their names and order.WinX Menu Editor 30

As many users reported, the app had issues with Windows 10 version 1703. A number of new Win + X menu commands which point to Settings pages were not processed correctly by the app. This bug has been reported a long time ago, but it took ages for me to resolve it. Finally, my work is done and you can use Win+X Menu Editor in Creators Update without problems.

Starting with version 3.0, I eliminated separate versions for x64 and x86 Windows. From now, a single executable file can be used in both x64 and x86 editions.

See the following article to learn how to use the app:

Customize Win+X menu in Windows 10


Win+X Menu Editor for Windows 10 and Windows 8  - contains app's description in detail.

Download Win+X Menu Editor


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12 thoughts on “Win+X Menu Editor v3.0 is out

  1. David H Johnson

    Thank you!


  2. OMC

    Finally a fully compatible version for Creators Update!

    Thank you so much, Sergey!

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      You are welcome. Please let me know if you find any bug.

  3. ken

    Thanks for your work, but, some of the items listed in winx menu editor 3.0 do not show up in my winx menu.
    Programs and features, mobility center, command prompt, control panel are in your list, but not on the winx menu. This was after a reset to defaults in your program.

    If they are not on the winx menu, why do they show up in your list?

    I’m on creators update 64 bit.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Nice find!
      Win + X Menu Editor resolves shortcut names as follows. For example, the item Programs and features you mentioned is represented by the file
      C:\Users\winaero\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WinX\Group3\10 – AppsAndFeatures.lnk
      Explorer (and my app) resolves it as “Programs and Features”.

      Looks like the Win+X menu itself uses the Settings app’s page name.
      The control panel item leads to Settings, it is affected by the same naming issue.
      mobility center appears only on mobile devices: laptops, tablets.
      command prompt needs to be enabled in Settings. See Add Command Prompt back to Win+X Menu in Windows 10 Creators Update

  4. Fernando

    Thanks so very much for this update!
    I had to manually manage to solve mess of new Settings pages in Win+X menu with prior versions, but it is nice to have an “aware” version for when I need to customize the menu on another system.

  5. Wilson Fong

    Are there any plans on creating a command prompt interface? The latest Windows build does not carry over these changes after sysprep + copyprofile.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      there are no such plans

  6. Steve

    The right click on the start button for Win 10 is not working.
    On running winx-menu-editor and clicking on restore defaults I get “The following files were not processed” and then lists all of the files under Group1, Group2, and Group3.

    I have tried loads of solutions to get he right click working but to no avail.

  7. Pete Wilson

    Note that you don’t have to restart Explorer – you can also cycle the PowerShell override setting in Settings. If you can figure out how to do that programmatically, you could refresh the WinX menu without closing all your explorer windows. For now, I can just do it manually.

  8. Joao

    How do I add “Settings” back to the “Win+X menu”?

  9. Fixer

    I’m using the Win+X menu more and more and fiddling with it using the WinAero app.

    Could you possibly allow parameters to be added to any program filepath? Without parameters, we are stuck with putting the command line into a BAT file, and then the DOS box flashes up every time, which is clumsy.

    If parameters could be allowed, it would be really easy to add one or more full menus to Alt+X, giving a very quick entry into all the software and files on the computer. Alternatives to the Start Menu are wonderful things.

    I know that you are already tweaking things to the utmost offering this app at all, and that this may not be possible.


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