Windows Web Experience Pack shows up in Microsoft Store

Updating and maintaining such a complex product as Windows 10 is not a simple thing. To make this process more agile and flexible, reduce updates size and installation time, Microsoft is trying to untie different components from the operating system core and deliver separate updates for them. Windows Web Experience Pack is a new component of such software type.


There are already several parts of Windows that no longer require the entire OS update. For example, with the new Microsoft Edge release, the browser is no longer tied to Windows updates. Also, the company uses separate Language Experience Packs to add the localization to the OS.

Recently, Microsoft announced Windows Experience Packs - the latest way to add new features to the OS without major build updates. It looks like Microsoft is not going to stop with that, and works on another thing called Windows Web Experience Pack. 

Windows Web Experience Pack

Windows Web Experience Pack (WWEP)

The first version of the Windows Web Experience Pack (WWEP) appeared in Microsoft Store. It is available to install on computers with Windows 10 2004 (build 19041 and higher). Because there is no official word from Microsoft on what WWEP does, we can only speculate that this component is responsible for updating core web components in the OS used by Store apps.

It is unlikely that WWEP relates to Microsoft Edge updates because the browser has its own platform-agnostic mechanisms. This is most likely the WebStart/WebShell stuff that being ported from 10X to Desktop, web-based shell experiences. Unfortunately, the store listing does not make things any clearer nor provide any screenshots for additional information. 

You can check the latest version of the Windows Web Experience Pack in Microsoft Store. For now, it weighs only 588 KB and brings no visible changes to the OS. We will keep you informed about this component and update this article once there is some sort of confirmation or explanation from Microsoft or reliable sources familiar with the matter. Also, keep an eye on Windows Insider Program announcements and messages from the Microsoft Edge developer team.

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Author: Taras Buria

Taras is here to cover stories about Microsoft and everything around, although sometimes he prefers Apple.

One thought on “Windows Web Experience Pack shows up in Microsoft Store”

  1. Glad Microsoft is working on ways to better update its OS. Because it is a bloated mess and I can’t believe it takes up so much room on a storage drive. Microsoft still tries to push out these devices trying to act like Chromebooks but don’t have the muscle or storage capacity to give a comparable experience to a Chromebook. Sort of ridiculous to even try if you ask me. I was working on a Celeron notebook the other day, not too old and had to reinstall Windows 10 home. Took over a hour after initially installing Windows 10 to update it. The CPU was huffing and puffing trying to churn through all those updates. For devices like that it would be helpful to size down those updates and spread them out over time so as to not have to endure the big ones.

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