Windows Terminal v1.0.1812.0 with bug fixes

A new version of Windows Terminal can be downloaded from GitHub. Featuring the updated Cascadia Code 2007.01 font, it is also notable for several bugfixes.

Windows Terminal Tabs And Panes

The Cascadia Code 2007.01 font offers a variable weight axis ranging from ExtraLight (200) to Bold (700) as well as some metrics tweaks and ligature fixes.


Here's what else is included in this release.

What's new in Windows Terminal 1.0.1812

Bug Fixes

  • Compact tab sizing should now work more reliably (and not only apply to tabs that were open when you first switched into compact mode. oops!) (#6670)
  • We've reverted a glyph shaping-related performance improvement that caused a bunch of applications to look downright strange (#6665)
  • Terminal will no longer rely on PATH lookup for cmd and powershell. They ship as part of Windows, so we should know exactly where they are. (#6684)
  • The cursor will no longer obscure text, unless that text is the same color as the cursor (#6337)
    • Known issue: underlines are now drawn on top of the cursor. Follow #6499 for updates.
  • Win32-OpenSSH 7.7 is here to stay, so we decided to fix the issue that allowed it to break mouse input (#6485)
  • Our caption buttons now fade like everyone else's when you hover over them (thanks @AnuthaDev!) (#6303)
  • Text copied from the File Explorer's "Copy Address" option will now be pasteable (thanks @aldahick!) (#6146)
  • Every time the window was resized, we'd lose track of another GDI handle. Now, we don't (#6229)
  • Maximized terminal windows will finally put their tab strips right at the top of the screen. Unrelatedly, Paul Fitts called to let us know about this one weird law (#5881)
  • The maximize/restore button now more accurately tracks the state of the window (#5988)
  • Right-clicking the negative space between the tabs and the caption buttons will now open the system menu (#6443)
  • Some of you thought it would be a good idea to close a tab while dragging it around. I couldn't figure out why you wanted to do that, but it will at least now not do something strange... (#5883)
  • You can now drag and drop snippets of text onto the Terminal and it'll do roughly what you'd expect (#5865)
  • The keen-eyed among you may have noticed that the 6x6x6 xterm color cube was totally horked. Thanks to @j4james, this egregious sin has been corrected (#5999)
  • Terminal will no longer rely on PATH lookup for cmd and powershell. They ship as part of Windows, so we should know exactly where they are. (#6684)


  • We've added a couple fast paths to things that the profiler told us were taking more time than we expected. (#6493) (#6501) (#6420) (#4608)

Windows Terminal is a new terminal app for command-line users that has plenty of new features including tabs, a GPU accelerated DirectWrite/DirectX-based text rendering engine, profiles, and more.

Windows Terminal is fully open-sourced. Thanks to the new tabbed console, it allows organizing instances of Command PromptPowerShell, and Windows Subsystem for Linux together in a single app.

The app comes with an icon that reminds of new Office and OneDrive icons, reflecting Microsoft's modern design view known as 'Fluent Design'.

The Windows Terminal project is engineered and delivered as a set of 4-week milestones. New features will go into Windows Terminal Preview first, then a month after they been in Preview, those features will move into Windows Terminal.

Download Windows Terminal Stable

You can download Windows Terminal from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub releases page.

Download Windows Terminal Preview

Microsoft is also launching a preview channel of Windows Terminal. If you are someone who likes to be involved with the development of Windows Terminal and use the latest features as soon as they are developed, you can download the app preview version from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub releases page. Windows Terminal Preview will have monthly updates, starting in June 2020.

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