Windows 11 will get an option to disable the Recommended section in the Start menu

One of the most drastic and controversial changes in Windows 11 is the new Start menu and the centered taskbar. There are no more Live Tiles, and the Start menu mostly resembles a regular app launcher with a dedicated section where the system tries to predict what files and apps you might want to open. While the idea may sound okay on the paper, many users agree that Microsoft should provide an option to disable the "Recommended" section in the Start menu. The good news is that Microsoft may have actually listened to your feedback, and now it prepares to let you get rid of the "Recommended" section.


The option to disable the Recommended section in Windows 11 Start menu

Debugging shellexperiencehost.exe in Windows 11 build 22000.120 revealed a couple of new options related to the section with recommended files and programs. It appears that Microsoft will soon let you disable it altogether (you can remove recommended files and apps from the Start menu, but it will keep the empty section), leaving the entire space for your pinned apps.

Disable The Recommended Section In Windows 11 Start Menu

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While the potential change in the Start menu sounds exciting for many testers, there are still no signs of the ability to open the Start menu directly to the list of all apps. Unlike Windows 10, where you can always keep the list of all apps, in Windows 11, users need to click the "All apps" button every time.

There are also some things many people do not like in the new Start menu. You cannot change the Start menu size, and you cannot add any kind of folder or app group. All those capabilities are available in Windows 10 but missing in Windows 11.

Considering Windows 11 is several months from public release and Microsoft appears to be listening to users' feedback, many of the current shortcomings may be fixed in future updates.

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1 thought on “Windows 11 will get an option to disable the Recommended section in the Start menu

  1. Dennis

    Cool this already a little bit better, but still not perfect.
    I still like the win10 start menu better 1 list with all apps, and als the right some titles with apps that i open a lot.


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