Windows 11 is getting improved Focus, notification, and Sustainability Settings

Microsoft is getting ready to ship new Windows 11 preview builds to Windows insiders to test new features and enhancements. Albacore (@thebookisclosed) managed to uncover several improvements that are coming soon to the Settings app in Windows 11. Those are not available for public testing yet, but they might arrive in future Windows 11 preview builds.


Focus Assist is now just Focus

Focus Assist is a modern take on Do not disturb mode. It lets you create rules for various scenarios when your computer disables incoming notifications and later presents a summary.

Windows 11 Focus Assist Is Now Just Focus

Windows 11 will soon ditch the "Assist" word and introduce reworked settings with new features. Customizing notifications behavior will be easier; plus, users will get an option for scheduling focus time in Outlook.

Improved Notifications

Alongside an improved Focus, Windows Settings will offer a more accessible way to customize notification priorities. In the current version of Windows 11, notification priorities are buried inside the Settings app. You need to open Settings > System > Notification > App and only then select a priority for notifications from the selected program.

Windows 11 Improved Notifications

Microsoft wants to make changing notification priorities easier. Soon, the Settings app will receive a new "Set priority notifications" in the System > Notifications section.


Finally, a brand-new section is coming soon to the Settings app. Called "Sustainability," it will let you see how eco-friendly your device and usage patterns are. Microsoft will offer Windows 11 users a toggle to enable eco-friendly settings in one click and various tips on how to improve sustainability or properly recycle a PC.

Windows 11 Sustainability

Also, the section will show your device's "Eco Score" in the form of leaf icons. More leaves will represent a more eco-friendly and energy-preserving usage.

In case you missed it, recent Windows 11 preview builds introduced a hidden Task Manager with redesigned UI, dark mode support, and other visual goodies. Unfortunately, the new Task Manager is half-broken, which is why we do not recommend enabling it until Microsoft gives the green light for testing in newer Windows 11 builds.


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Author: Taras Buria

Taras is here to cover stories about Microsoft and everything around, although sometimes he prefers Apple.

2 thoughts on “Windows 11 is getting improved Focus, notification, and Sustainability Settings”

  1. Bunch of useless junk. Microsoft has completely lost the plot. They should be focusing on fixing the taskbar, start menu, right menu. The new taskbar and start menu both are completely useless compared to the version in Windows 95. File Explorer right click menu still slow, overly large, ugly, and missing refresh item in it. How is stickers and sustainability settings nonsense top priority?

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