Windows 11 has received its first major update with tons of improvements

Microsoft has released the first major update for Windows 11. It finally brings a large number of changes, including the improved taskbar, new Notepad and Media Player apps, and a public preview of the Windows Subsystem for Android.

The taskbar

First of all, the taskbar will show date and time not only on the main, but also on additional monitors. The weather widget familiar to Windows 10 users, also returns to the taskbar. However, in Windows 11 it opens Widgets when you click it. Also, you can now quickly show any open window to a Microsoft Teams conference right from the taskbar. Finally, you can quickly mute the microphone using a special button in the tray area.


The classic Notepad will be updated to a modern version that is made in the Fluent Design style and supports the system dark theme. The built-in Groove Music will be replaced by a new Media Player application. The latter supports both audio and video files.

Windows Subsystem for Android

Finally, you can now install Android applications in the stable version of Windows 11. It is worth mentioning that this feature is still in testing, but now it is available to everyone. You can install Android applications both from the Amazon Appstore or by sideloading APK files. Using a  workaround, you can get the Google Play store working too.

In the second half of 2022, Microsoft is expected to release one more major update for Windows 11. Known as name "Sun Valley 2", it will bring folders in the Start menu, acrylic title bars, new gestures and other features.

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

7 thoughts on “Windows 11 has received its first major update with tons of improvements”

  1. I installed the update mostly to test the new Media Player. I put about 5k of songs in it. Now it goes on metadata from the file instead as before against an internet base with metadata. So it found all the metadata on my files.

    Unfortunately, it is not quite stable yet. A lot of slowdowns. I like it better than Groove Music. However, I have to test longer to know if it is good or bad before I can say anything for sure.

  2. I’m going back to another music player at the moment. I’ve been testing the New Windows Media Player for a while now. It has problems with sorting artists. Too many slowdowns and other things I don’t like.

    I’m so used to AIMP, too. AIMP is much better for music in my opinion. AIMP and VLC in Windows. cmus, Sayonara and VLC in Linux! Why change something that works? ;)

    Sayonara on an RPi4:

    I know a Raspberry pi isn’t a muscle computer, but works for lighter stuff. I like it! <3

      1. Yes, they are good for a lot. I have a lot of Raspberry Pi. Stable and reliable!

        You can have high uptime if you want on them:

        780 days! It’s the SD cards that break first. Nowadays I run from an SSD instead. Faster and more reliable. Overclocked CPU and GPU. CPU to 2GHz and GPU to 750MHz. over_voltage=6 or if it is 8. I have active cooling on them.

      2. I know this news is a little older. But saw that AIMP exists for Linux through Wine. Had hoped for an AppImage instead. I don’t understand the language of the thread though.

        But will be a little test on it.;all

          1. I tested a little. I don’t want Wine in the computer so removed it. I’m okay with Cmus and Sayonara Player. But curiosity wanted to test it.

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