Windows 11 Build 25267 (Dev) adds new taskbar search styles, fixes slow file copy

Microsoft has released Windows 11 build 25267 to Windows Insiders in the Dev channel. It includes new styling options for Search on the taskbar, and several important fixes. The file copy performance bug has been resolved, as well as media casting crashes, and more. This is the last build for the Dev channel before the upcoming holidays. Insider builds will resume in January 2023.

What's new in Windows 11 Build 25267

Microsoft continues to experiment with different styling options for the search box on the taskbar. Starting with this build, insiders may notice an updated variant with more rounded corners. If your OS has a new search box design, then you can right-click on the taskbar and customize its look to what you like.


  • General:
    • Microsoft has fixed an issue that could cause Insiders to experience issues streaming content to a wireless display (WIN + K).
  • Taskbar and system tray:
    • Microsoft has fixed an issue that caused the Bluetooth section in Quick Actions to crash.
    • Updated quick action icons on the taskbar when using screen readers. If you set the focus to each of the icons, then their description will no longer contain the phrase "system <feature> state". Instead, information about that icon will be announced, such as "volume" instead of "system volume state".
    • If the focus is on an application icon on the taskbar and you use ALT + Shift + <left arrow>/<right arrow> to move the icon, Narrator announces that the icon has been moved.
    • Fixed a frequent crash in explorer.exe experienced by some Insiders in the last two builds.
  • Search on the taskbar (if the new search box options are available):
    • Microsoft has fixed an issue that caused a floating search box to appear on the desktop when changing the primary monitor, such as connecting an external display.
    • Text in the search box should no longer be cut off at the bottom when using zoomed in text.
  • Input:
    • Clicking on the notification received the first time you use ALT + Shift should open a section in Options with the option you want, not a command prompt window.
    • Microsoft has fixed an issue where the first suggested element in the Simplified Chinese IME was sometimes invisible or truncated.
  • Explorer:
    • Fixed an issue where using “Browse for Folder” from an app was only showing Desktop (and no other folders) for some people.
  • Options:
    • If Windows Update was unable to install the update, then the error code can now be copied in the Update History section.
  • Other:

Some of the fixes listed above may be included in cumulative updates for release versions of Windows 11.

Known Issues

  • General:
    • [New] Some ARM64 devices will display a black screen when resuming from sleep or hibernation. As a workaround, press the power button several times to wake up the device and go to the login lock screen.
    • [New] Windows Hello for facial authentication will not work on some devices. Users are encouraged to use a PIN to log in.
    • Microsoft is investigating reports of some UI elements sometimes disappearing and reappearing in apps in the last few builds.
  • Taskbar:
    • Sometimes the taskbar is cut in half when using the tablet-optimized version.
  • Search on the taskbar (if the new search box options are available):
    • In some cases, the search field on the taskbar may not display correctly, including with visual artifacts.
    • Right-to-left languages ​​(such as Arabic) have problems positioning text inside the search field on the taskbar.
    • Some Japanese IME suggestions are cut off inside the search box on the taskbar.
  • Task Manager:
    • Search by publisher name on the Processes page does not work correctly.
    • Some services may not appear on the Services page after applying a filter.
    • If a new process is launched during filter installation, it may appear in the filtered list for a fraction of a second.
    • Some dialog boxes may use the wrong theme if the theme is set in the Task Manager preferences.
    • The content area on the Processes page may flash once when changing the theme in the Task Manager settings.
    • Microsoft is investigating an issue where Task Manager does not properly display light and dark content, resulting in unreadable text. This happens if the "Custom" mode is selected in the "Options" -> "Personalization" -> "Colors" section. As a workaround, choose a light or dark theme.
    • Some Insiders may be missing items on the Startup Apps page. If you encounter this problem, then use the "Settings" > "Applications" > "Startup" page or classic msconfig.
  • Widgets:
    • Microsoft is investigating an issue where Insiders in China may experience a Widget Bar stuck in an invisible state, causing the system to not register mouse clicks on the left side of the screen. If you encounter this, then use the combination WIN + D to solve the problem.
    • In right-to-left languages ​​(such as Arabic), the content of the widget bar animates out of view when switching to the full-screen version of the widget bar.
  • Live Captions:
    • [New] Live Captions feature does not work in this build. After the holidays, Microsoft intends to quickly release a new build with a fix for this problem.

Via Microsoft

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