Windows 10 ESU cost revealed, the paid updates won’t be cheap

Microsoft has announced details regarding the pricing for a subscription to security updates for Windows 10, set to be launched in October 2025 under the Extended Support Updates (ESU) program. Paid updates are scheduled to be rolled out over a period of three years.

Windows 10 ESU cost revealed

Unlike the Windows 7 ESU program, which was exclusively for corporate clients, the Windows 10 ESU will be open to all users. Subscription sales are expected to commence in October 2024, a year prior to the end of support for Windows 10.


Windows 10 ESU Subscription Cost

  • $61 per device for the first year
  • $122 per device in the second year
  • $244 per device in year three

In short, users will need to pay $61 per device, which will double every year for three years, to remain secure on Windows 10.

The Windows 10 extended support program allows users to pay for three years of extra security updates. This is beneficial for businesses and enterprise customers who are not yet prepared to switch their employee laptops and computers to Windows 11.

Starting in October 2024, users can buy a 5-by-5 activation key subscription, which can be used on a single PC to continue using Windows 10 after October 2025.

You will need to purchase a separate subscription key for each computer on which you want to receive security updates after October 2025. If you choose to join the Extended Support Updates program after one or two years, you will still have to pay for the missing years of updates.

Windows 10 ESU is indeed an expensive offer. It high price may convince a lot of users to choose Windows 11 instead to avoid paying for security updates. Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 11 before October 2025 as long as your device meets the minimum system requirements.


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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

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3 thoughts on “Windows 10 ESU cost revealed, the paid updates won’t be cheap”

  1. I am prepared to pay $61 or £48, for one device, for one year. That takes me to October 2026. Then, who knows ?? –

  2. One of the links above, top right, 5th down under “Featured posts” says:

    “Download Windows 11 ISO file for any build or version”

    I need a copy of 21H2, which is the only one that works with a critical little software for me. The software publisher no longer update it. Who knows why? no-one. Perhaps it was one person who coded it, and perhaps they did not survive COVID. I have no idea, but there is no alternative either.

    However, when I follow the link to Microsoft

    the only version offer is 23H2 ! File name is win11_23H2_English_x64v2.iso

    So, unless I am doing something very wrong, that is the only ISO offered, which contrasts with
    “Download Windows 11 ISO file for any build or version”

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