Microsoft quietly released a Windows 10 Accounts extension for Chrome

There still aren't enough extensions available for Microsoft Edge, which is mostly the company's fault — they took too long to introduce extension support at first and now they seem to be doing a very poor job on attracting developers to bring their products to the Windows Store. But this isn't stopping the company from making their own browser extensions — for third party browsers like Google Chrome.

The Windows 10 Accounts extension for Google Chrome was quietly released a few days ago and now appears to be installed for some users. With its help, Chrome users in enterprises will get a more streamlined experience when using their work accounts to sign in to company portals, Office 365 and other services hosted by Microsoft.

The description for this extension in the Chrome Web Store says the following:

Sign in to supported websites with accounts on Windows 10

Use this extension to sign in to supported websites with accounts on Windows 10. If you have a Microsoft supported identity on Windows 10, you won’t be required to enter your credentials to sign in to supported websites. You’ll need to use this extension if your organization has implemented conditional access policy. Currently, this extension supports Azure Active Directory identities.

The only requirement for this extension to work is signing in with a Microsoft Account on the devices you are using. IT pros can also configure which sites it is allowed on or set some special rules and requirements for the device to be able to sign in with this extension.

The said extension is available in the Chrome Web Store right here. Notice that Windows 10 Creators Update is the minimum required OS version to use it.

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Author: Roman Linev

Long time news writer, Microsoft ecosystem fan, Android user. Loves Japanese culture, photography and his cats. You can also follow Roman on Twitter.

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