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Winamp developers announced a reborn of one of the most iconic music player

Winamp is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and legendary pieces of software. For more than two decades, this llama's ass-whipping app was the default music player for millions of Windows users. Even in a world where everyone uses Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming services, many die-hard fans continue using Winamp despite the fact that the latest version is almost eight years old (developers released version 5.666 in 2013). Winamp simply refuses to die. Moreover, it is about to receive a new life.

Winamp developers launched a redesigned website—a somewhat heavy and resource-consuming website—with a new logo and announced a fully-reworked, next generation of Winamp.

Although the new app is not publicly available, everyone can sign up for beta testing. There is no exact launch date, although the developers promise to release the new player soon.

Radionomy Group, owners of Winamp (originally developed by Nullsoft), says the next generation of Winamp is not "just an updated app." It is a totally remastered project that connects users to their favorite music.

Developers want to make Winamp a home to your favorite music, podcasts, and radio stations. As for artists, the new Winamp promises "a unique space for creators" that helps connect closely with fans and "earn a fairer income from doing what [they] love."

It is extremely interesting to see the next generation of Winamp and how it will fare in a streaming-oriented world. What the official website says about the upcoming release sounds suspiciously familiar to Spotify, although, at this moment, we can only guess.

If you are curious about the new Winamp, sign up on the official website to become a beta tester. Meanwhile, everyone can get a shot of nostalgia by downloading the latest stable (5.666) or preview (5.8) version on the same website.

Winamp reborn strangely coincides with Microsoft's announcement of the new Media Player for Windows 11. The app is currently available for Windows Insiders in the Dev channel, and it offers a single space for video and music to replace the classic Windows Media Player.

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3 thoughts on “Winamp developers announced a reborn of one of the most iconic music player

  1. MelindaBezos

    Why do I have a feeling its going to be some bloated electron trash? Even their new web page design is resource hungry, laggy and doesn’t scroll right. WACUP is more than enough.

  2. Sargon

    Maybe this time they’ll make a proper uninstaller lol. Winamp’s uninstall is about as useful as pressing Shift+Delete on its Install Directory. So much garbage remains in the registry and elsewhere.


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