Vivaldi 4.1 brings improved tab groups and custom commands

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Vivaldi may not be the most popular browser in terms of market share, but it is undoubtedly the best option for those who like deep software customization. After launching a major 4.0 update earlier this year, Vivaldi Technologies is back with another big release under version 4.1.
The main highlights of Vivaldi 4.1 are improved tab groups and custom commands.

What's new in Vivaldi 4.1

Accordion Mode for Tabs

Now users can group open tabs using a new "Accordion Mode." It works similar to how tab grouping works in Chrome or Microsoft Edge, allowing users to expand or collapse sets of pages with a single click. With version 4.1, Vivaldi now offers three grouping modes: Accordion, Compact, and Two-Level.

Commands Chains

Another huge improvement in Vivaldi 4.1 is custom commands or "Commands Chains." Command chains are basically macros for performing sequences of different actions. For example, open a set of websites, then tile them across the screen.

Command chains support more than 200 different Vivaldi commands for improved productivity and getting things done faster with fewer clicks.

After creating a command chain, you can assign a custom word, shortcut, or mouse gesture. Also, Vivaldi allows placing chains onto the browser's menu.

New silent updates on Windows

Finally, Vivaldi 4.1 brings new silent updates to Windows for keeping the browser up-to-date without requiring users to click some buttons or confirm installations. While the idea sounds good, not all users might welcome it, so Vivaldi provides an option to revert to the original update mechanism.

On top of that, users can add minute-counter to Reading View. That counter shows how much time (approximately) it takes to read the current page.

As usual, every update for the Vivaldi browser comes with a large number of bug fixes and minor improvements. You can check out all the details about Vivaldi 4.1 in a blog on the Vivaldi website.

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Author: Taras Buria

Taras is here to cover stories about Microsoft and everything around, although sometimes he prefers Apple.

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