Vivaldi 1.13: Window Panel, Download improvements

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The team behind the innovative Vivaldi browser released a new snapshot of the upcoming version 1.13. Vivaldi 1.13.997.3 comes with a number of new features, including a new window panel and the download speed visible in the download progress bar.

Window Panel

A new Window Panel feature provides a new button on the left sidebar. It opens a convenient list of opened windows and tabs, which can be used to find the required page quickly. The official announcement describes it as follows:

The point of this panel is to make life easier for those of you working with many tabs. It makes it simple to sort, search (through titles) and manage multiple tabs at once.

Dragging a tab to change order, modify stacks and change pinning state is in many cases easier in the panel, since each element keeps its size regardless of the number of tabs in the list. Muting all tabs in the window (or stack) is done by simply right-clicking on a parent folder.

Already we think you will love this feature, but there will be more to come in the future.

Currently, the window panel can manage only tabs opened in the current window. In upcoming releases, it will get the ability to manage windows and tabs globally between all opened windows.

Download improvements

The download manager feature comes with the ability to show the download speed right in the download progress bar.

The browser now shows a warning message when you attempt to close the browser before a download is complete.

Other highlights in the change log are as follows.

  • [New] Show download speed in panel entries VB-33661
  • [New] Window Panel (Phase 1) VB-1788
  • [Regression] Dragging with the middle mouse button selects text VB-30401
  • [Regression] PDFs won’t open on first attemptVB-33148
  • [Regression] Unable to switch back to the same section after using search in Settings VB-33649
  • [Regression] Accessing Settings through URL breaks Vivaldi VB-33668
  • [Regression][Mac] Delete key does not delete Bookmarks, History items and Notes VB-32706
  • [Linux] Remove the only non-multiarch dependency from Debian packages VB-10930
  • [Linux] Selection is pasted in the URL field when middle-clicking on a Speed Dial VB-28578
  • [Bookmarks] “Open Bookmark Panel Items with Single Click” applies both to the panel and the bookmarks page VB-23125
  • [Downloads] Allow deletion of paused/interrupted downloads VB-22780
  • [Downloads] Delete button is active without selection VB-32313
  • [Notes] Setting a URL for a note vanishes if the Notes panel is minimized without clicking away VB-33604
  • [Popup] Popup windows appearance VB-32056
  • [Search Engines] Replace Yahoo! as the default search engine with Bing for all countries where Yahoo! was default VB-33639
  • [Settings] Add option to use Menu icon instead of Vivaldi icon VB-33663
  • [Settings] Remove invisible clickable areas VB-33959
  • [Settings] Startup pages setting overflows VB-33488
  • [Settings] Wrong width of items VB-33394
  • [Speed Dials] Disable thumbnails in the Suggestions bar VB-33523
  • [Speed Dials] Speed Dial folder custom images VB-33094
  • [Themes] Gracefully handle non-existing themes VB-33222
  • [Themes] Theme Color Editor improvements VB-25595
  • [Themes] Theme hex color values not updating VB-33388
  • [Tabs] Audio icon is not visible on certain themes VB-32671
  • Load History on demand VB-33596
  • Media fixes for High Sierra and Windows 7
  • Updated Chromium to 62.0.3202.63

To try the latest build of Vivaldi, use the following download links.

Source: Vivaldi.

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

9 thoughts on “Vivaldi 1.13: Window Panel, Download improvements”

  1. Thanks Sergey! Am using Vivaldi as my default browser for a while. Love the control user has over the browser. Upgraded to this version as soon as it came out.

        1. I can’t get how Firefox 57 is connected with this release of Vivaldi. Can you explain it little bit?

        2. With Firefox 57, support for legacy extensions is removed making way to web extensions. Firefox was basically loved because of all those extensions and without support for them, Firefox will lose a big chunk of its fan base (or whatever is left of it). Not many developers have converted their legacy extension to web yet!

          This is one of the reason I moved on to Vivaldi.

  2. Vivaldi 1.13 is still very unstable, so much so that the devs disabled autoupdate. I would not recommend your users upgrade to it.

    For me personally, it crashes VERY frequently on MacOS. Windows version seems OK.

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