Unlock external SD Card writing for all apps in Android 4.4 KitKat

As you might be knowing, in the recent version of Android 4.4, 'KitKat', Google has slightly modified the default permissions for the external SD Card. Now it is accessible for writing only by a special user group of members called media_rw. In this article, I would like to share a trick which will allow to enable write access to all the lucky owners of rooted devices with Android 4.4.

When some process needs to write to external media, it requests the appropriate permission. This was the usual behavior in earlier versions of Android. However, third-party apps in KitKat have no access to that permission! So, there is no way for them to obtain write access to the external SD Card. You might face various issues with the new access rules in Android 4.4, i.e. your favorite File manager can stop working. Here's how to give these apps the correct permission.

  1. Launch your favorite file manager with root access rights. You can use any app you prefer which can run elevated on your device. For example, the 'Root Explorer' app or 'File Manager' from CyanogenMod will do.
  2. Navigate to the following file:
  3. Find android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE lines. These are XML sections. You need to make them look exactly like the strings below:
    <permission name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" >
        <group gid="sdcard_r" />
        <group gid="sdcard_rw" />
        <group gid="media_rw" />
    <permission name="android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE" >
        <group gid="sdcard_rw" />
        <group gid="media_rw" />

Save the platform.xml file. It’s necessary to set the file permissions to 644 (rw-/r–/r–) before mobile restarting. Now reboot your Android device. You are done.

Unfortunately, there is no known solution to me which could be suitable for non-rooted devices.

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

158 thoughts on “Unlock external SD Card writing for all apps in Android 4.4 KitKat”

  1. Hi. I tried this method on Galaxy S4 (Kitkat 4.4.2). It’s look simple and logically, but it doesn’t work. After editing the file platform.xml and restart mobile I got message “Service Youtube stopped” and “Service Google play stopped”. Over and over. Every applications in mobile could not write to any internal or external storage anymore, connecting to netwok via mobile network or WiFi was malfunction too. Unfortunately I could not adjust to return the xml file to previous state. So I downloaded Odin 3.09 and ROM with Kitkat 4.4.2 for Czech republic and did flashing this ROM to mobile and factory reset. It was the only way to system fix.

      1. Hi. The problem I have already solved. It’s necessary to set the file permissions to 644 (rw-/r–/r–) before mobile restarting. Add it to your instructions, please.

        1. Hi have the same problem with my S4 which I upgraded to kitkat yesterday so I rooted it and followed your Instruction to edit the xml file and saved, But I do not know how to set the permissions to 644 (rw-/r-/r-) I am new to android. I edited the file I copied to another location so not to mess with the original untill I am sure it is saved with the proper permissions then hopefully replace file.
          So could you please instruct me how and with what programm to change permissions after editing:

          Thanks in advance


          1. Use any file manager app. I prefer Total Commander for Android.
            Long tap on the XML file, choose “properties”, then tap “RWX” button at right.

        2. Hello.

          I did not set the file permissions to 644 (rw-/r–/r–) before restarting. I get the same errors as Radek, such as “Service Youtube stopped” and “Service Google play stopped”.

          Is there a way to fix this? I notice you mention Odin 3.09 and ROM with Kitkat. I do not know how those work. Is there another solution to edit platform.xml back?

          Please help!

          1. I have ES file explorer and the file manager app that comes preinstalled. I click on properties within ES file explorer and it says readable yes, writable yes and hidden no.

            How can I set the proper permissions? I know it should be 644 (rw-/r–/r–). What does that actually mean?

            I am unable to connect to google play or the internet in order to download/install another application like total commander.

            Do you have a way to help please?

        3. Do not change the permissions of your external_SD to 644!! This could mean that you remove all kinds of write and execute permissions from your externall sdcard! It should be either 771 or 777

          DO NOT CHANGE PERMISSIONS OF YOUR SDCARD!!! THIS IS YOUR INTERNAL SDCARD WHERE ANDROID IS INSTALLED! Changing the sdcard permissions to 644 will bust your android system. People having problems after this method with google play youtube etc should check if they changed the permissions of the sdcard. If so, set it back to back 0777 might solve the problems.

        1. did you ever get a solution ? mine says saved when i saved and exit and when i got back to the .xml file all of the infor i put in has disappeared. I have full root using sony xperia e3 marshmallow 4.4.4 but can’t get mount scripts in link2sd, cant write on root explorer and busy box wont install but i’m getting propmpted for yes/no on granting root on apps. i think sony have an app to protect write maybe. I have partitioned the sd with ext4 on APartition .apk and have and the sd card is mounted according to storage. I have formatted both partitions in sd card ext4 and fat32 both are primary. I personally like the xperia e3 which is why i am using it today but needs a partitioned sd to handle all of the updates like 600mb for facebook/messenger/moments combined and although on sd card it prompts low space and wants to delete therm

      2. This happened to me as well.
        Do not TRY this method cause once you reboot your phone you keep getting messages saying
        that “system apps have stopped runinng”

    1. Guys don’t get frustrated, just download the “NextApp SDFix” from the Google Play, Install it, and follow the steps, its simple, very quick and it works!. YOU MUST BE ROOT TO DO THAT.

      1. I can confirm that the “NextApp SDFix” solution works for me, on a Samsung Galaxy S4 4G (i9505), with Android KitKat 4.4.4, ktoonsez kernel.

    2. So I did the fix permissions manually and nothing happened after the reboot and then downloaded the nextapp Sdfix app that was mentioned and said I already have write to SD.. So I go back to app2sd and the moveable apps section it still says SD share same disk as os.. So what now plz help thx

    3. Go To: System/Etc/Permissions/Platform.xml



      “TESTE IN SM-G355H”
      Success Copy Files Or Move Folder In ExtSdCard Or Internal Sdcard. TesT App ES FILES or ROOT EXPLORE.

      *****GOOD LUCK*******

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  3. You must be rooted is the key. If you make it look exactly as shown and follow the directions it works perfectly.

  4. I have a samsung note one N7000. I have rooted the device and running latest Cynogennmod ROM 4.4
    Have done exactly as mentioned above but sd card is still not detected. Earlier the camera apps were giving error that no sd card found. Now they are just getting hung. Any tips??

  5. hi,, i tried your method, didn’t work, bluetooth stopped working n whatsapp crashed…but i realized i hadnt set the permission correct,.. i had d original xml, so i replaced it…but now nothing is working.. maps, youtube, titanium backup all stopped.. though im connected to wifi the browsers say im offline,, THE INTERNAL MEMORY SHOWS NOTHING<>… please help…

  6. So, dumb question here, but after doing this, should I be able to go into settings/apps, select an app and see “move to Sd” button again like previous android versions? I did everything exactly as above on my rooted S4 4.2.2 gummy rom, and can’t see that I can move apps still. Thanks.

    1. This permissions tweaks does nothing with apps moving feature.
      So, no, it will not restore the option.

  7. Thank you so much for this fix. I can verify that it works perfectly on the Sprint triband Galaxy S4 (L710T).
    You made my phone functional again!

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  10. Hello,
    I tried this change on my Gummy 4.4.2 rooted Samsung GS4 and even after rebooting, the included CyanogenMod Music App. – Apollo force closes with – “Unfortunately, Apollo has stopped”. I get the same error (Force Close) when opening certain pictures on my SD card within the Gallery app. I have tried a complete wipe of my phone and factory reset after reflashing the Gummy ROM and I continue to get this error particularly with the stock Apollo music app. I was somehow able to get this ROM and app. working earlier but something got tweaked (I believe) in my SDCard permissions – very strange.

    Any help/suggestions?



  11. Thanks for info Sergey, but some reason after I did a reboot my persmissions file would revert back to its original state. I tried several times and the NextApp SD Card Fix would do the same. For those who are struggling I tried method three in this link Thanks again Sergey.

    -HTC One (M8) T-Mobile; Sony SDXC Class 10 64gb

  12. Thank you, you saved my time. I changed it as decribed in my s4 kk and now I keep my Titanium backup in extsd ( and not only).

  13. In my case the camera and the BT stops work. So be carefull. Then change it back, unroot, factory reset.

  14. Now since everyone found a fix for rooted phone. Now tell me how to do this for none rooted. There are tons of none rooted phone that stil exsist today. Or less someone guide me to the right direction to root my galaxy note 2 safely. I am getting tired of not being abke to use my phone when i paid $600 for the dam thing. And $97 a month to keep it on. Goole got me [censored]ed up. Then the Gov does not understand why the world haves hackers. Google [censored] you. Google just bc you dont like have memory cards. Doesnt mean the whole [censored]ing world has to think and feel like u do

  15. I can do whatever I want, it does not work in my device. I use a CM11 nightly on Xperia Z1 with Android 4.4.3.

    I even tried Xposedframework with HandleExternalStorage and it did not work. I manually edit platform.xml manually as described above and I set the correct permissions 0644 but it did not work either.

    I tried to create a test folder in /storage/sdcard1 but it does not work, I use RootExplorer. Of course I have Root access, I use CM11.

    What could only be wrong there!?

    1. Same problem with Huawei P7 with Android 4.4.2, rooted by KINGO with it’s Superuser.

      I think this way of routing is just not enough because Huawei or Android 4.4.2 has some extra restrictions for editing that XML file.

      I tried manually with several file managers, even used speciall app for mounting/unmounting, but always got something like Can’t save. When changed permissions on file, it seemed that I succeed, but when I open again permissions, they are not changed at all.

      I’ve tried with “official” way of routing Huawi p7, from this site:
      but I can’t pass even first step (with Minimal ADB and Fastboot on my PC).

      Can somebody help?

      1. I already did same thing on my ex phone Sony e4g, and it was very easy and successfull.

        1 Rooting by Kingo root
        2 Using SD Fix app

    2. Solved! There was no need for editing any of files manually.

      I want to be clear, simple rooting with Kingo root was enough for me to have Read/Write permissions for manually copy/move/delete operations on SD card, but only through file managers.
      I had problem with deleting physical files through music players (Player Dreams, AIMP, MortPlayer…).

      The key is in FX FILE EXPLORER app and it’s add-on for rooting:

      Here we go:

      1 Rooting through Kingo root app (
      2 Instal FX File Explorer, run it, and give to it Allow permission when Superuser asks for it

      Two optional steps
      3 Just in case, go to system Settings – Security – Device administrators , and check FX to become device admin
      4 Just in case part II, you can Mount System as R/W with this app
      ( )
      It’s just a simple single click.

      5 And then, the key step.
      FX File Explorer – Settings – File management >>
      >> Scroll to the bottom and check “KitKat SD Write Workaround”

  16. Even though I haven’t tried these changes yet – I have a basic question – how are other 3rd party Apps like Astro are able to R/W stuff to the external SD Card just fine, is there some sort of magic/hidden developer trick/API they are calling?

    1. Starting from Android 4.4, there’s a Documents API, that let developers write to SD card non-directly. Apps using Documents API, when app needs to write to SD card, prompts a Documents window (but before most apps prompts an instructions). But for some operations Documents API is not suitable, and apps that write to SD card directly, needs this workaround (on cm13 i use xinternalsd, which needs a root and xposed framework).

  17. To the author, thank you for posting these how too’s. In order for this to work for me I had to really get my hands durty. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S3, rooted, CM.11 rom (Kitkat 4.4.2) First off, non of those App to SD programs worked for me and after running a log-cat, I quickly found the answer. Here’s what I did to fix this problem. First, I edit the platform.xml file and add a few lines like explained in the post. Then gave it permissions and reboot. Now the fun part. In CM.11 still couldn’t move apps. In ICS 2.3.7 rom, I had to partition the sdcard, partition 1 (fat32) partition 2 (linux ext3) So I tried the same thing here.

    I formatted a 16 gig sdcard with 13 gigs fat32, and partition 2, I made the rest of the space a linux EXT3 format. Then I reboot. The next thing I did was to download, Link2SD. Just like the LG Optimus V days, you can move the apps to SD, but in this case you have to link them to the linux partition. When I ran Link2SD is offered to link my files and listed partitions. I picked EXT3 and gave it permission to write link scripts to the partition.

    Now reboot. When I open Link2SD I select list by user and first thing I do is click on a app and the options are move to SD or Create Link to file. You have to create a link to the App. After I selected Create Link, the next popup asks, move what files. I find clicking on all of them, except internal data works. Click OK and APP moves to the new Linux partition.

    I verified this after creating a link to SD on every APP I installed, except widgets, these can not be link without crashing, and it worked. Link2SD allows you to view all external, internal, cache, and partitions and I was able to see all 1 gig of apps all went to the linux partition. So, case closed. Plus I was able to free up over a gig of internal ram. If some apps crash after linking them, just unlink and it will move back into phones memory. Make sure your using a micro SDHC and the higher the class number, 8 or better, the faster files are loaded up.

    This is what worked for me. Hope it helps anyone not having any luck just editing the script file. ( ^_^)/

  18. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I previously tried using a couple of xposed modules, but they didn’t allow Titanium to access the SD card so I tried your method (also changed permissions on the modified file) but I have the same issue as some other people (bluetooth stopped working, whatsapp crashed, maps, youtube, play store, titanium backup, touchpal keyboard, web browsing all stopped working. When I connect my phone to my PC, the phone and the sd are empty.
    I’m not worried about the titanium accessing the sd card right now. I’m just trying to get the apps and bluetooth working. Anybody have any other ideas that may work?

    1. Hello: Messed Up, Jeevan kumar, cuddlebear, Rajkamal ore Francisco.
      I have the same problems with my SM-T230. All the apps are crashing, the keyboard is not working at all and my pc cant access the tablet anymore. I tried a factory reset and installed a original rom. Nothing solved my problems. Did one of you found a solution already?

  19. Worked a treat – thanks.
    Running Samsung galaxy i900h lte (Oceania? Model). Just rooted with odin.
    Can now transfer via airdroid direct to so card.

    1. I use total commander for android. Long tap on file, properties, and there is the special “(rwx)” button.

  20. Updated the permissions of Platform.xml to 644 (rw-/r–/r–) but need to set it back to its original settings and don’t have a backup. Can you let me know what the permissions where set to before i set to 644.

    Getting update failed for the cyanogenmod OTA update
    Installing update…
    assert failed: apply_patch_check – Error in Platform.xml


  21. i tried ur method but nothing happnd….m using a 3rd party filemanager
    when i restart my phone it shows external memory for a sec …and when again i open the filemanager it doesnt show

  22. Hi, I done all tthe things and i can`t save the platform.xml file. It is saying that it is read only. How to save it please?

  23. didnt work for me :/
    now i get tons of messages like “Service … stopped”.
    stil able to start es file explorer. but internal and external storage is not available anymore :(
    what can i do? tried every permission setting. switched new Platform.xml with the old one and vice versa both.
    files got me tons of messages.
    perhaps change owner of this xml from root to ..?

  24. Hey guys. Am frustrated. I tried several methods for this issue (flashing, replace permission.xml and sdfix app) but nothing works! I have a dual sim phone and I do not have possibility to extend the memory with an external SD card. But the phone has only a internal memory flash at least sdcard0 (as internal memory) and sdcard1 (a secured partition as external memory).

    Any ideas to fix the write protection on this????

  25. Excellent description, but confuses me. So one question:
    All other howto’s I’ve read only add


    Why are you adding


    Can you explain?

    Btw.: The stock platform.xml got -rw-r–r–

  26. Sorry, the quote was ‘ghosted’ ;) Again:
    One question:
    All other howto’s I’ve read only add
    group gid=”sdcard_rw” /
    permission name=”android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”

    Why are you adding
    group gid=”sdcard_rw” /
    permission name=”android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE”
    Can you explain?

    1. If we will look in the source code, we will find this
      <permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE"

      <permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"

      I so decided to add sdcard_rw too.
      However, in CyanogenMod it looks as follows:
      <permission name=”android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE”>
      <group gid=”media_rw” />

      And everything works.
      Maybe that line is not required at all.
      Need to check it.

  27. I tried the above solution for my Samsung S Advance but apps r still nt able to write on sdcard..and the media too doesn’t show up in gallery section plz help!! thanks in advance :)

  28. So if i do this and if i install a game and put the data on my external SD card, the game will read the Data now ? Because the data is too big and i don’t have space on my internal memory ! :(

  29. Super, that worked perfect. Only one hint: My data explorer didnt request permission, so its edidor didnt work. I installed another editor, (try out :) ) and that one asked for permission. With this editor I did exactly your changes, and my photos are again on the external SD-Card.


  30. Hi, have a Samsung i9505 and using CYANOGENMOD 11 (Android 4.4.2)
    I follow all instructions editing the lines: (ROOTED ES FILE EXPLORER)

    And fixed permissions in the platform.xml file.
    I tried to use SDFix: KitKat Writable MicroSD APP and nothing of those work’s. Do you have another sugestion?

  31. Hey, we should set 644 (rw-/r–/r–) file permission before restarting. I fisrtly changed the xml file without setting its permission and got a lot of crashes. Then, I factory reseted my mobile and started over again changing the xml file and setting its permission properly. Now Apps can write on SD Card.

  32. Thank you very much for this guide, the only help I could install applications an external SD card. Advise me where I have to make a change in the system so I can play music from an external SD card or to my music player found on exerní SD card.
    GT-I9506 Kitkat 4.4.2 Root


  33. i have micromax unite 2…i have so much space in my phone but whenevr i download app it shows that u dont have too much space…what i should do plz anybody suggest me.

  34. Rooted my galaxy tab 3 (ms-t210r) just to try this fix as utorrent and other apps were unable to write to sd card after kitkat. Pleased to say this worked perfectly and solved many ongoing app problems. Thanks much!

  35. Thanks to you I don’t have to throw my phone through the window (or worse – install shitty stock rom for samsung) :)

  36. Hi .. Followed exact same steps on my Samsung i9100 with Cyanogenmod 11, but still not able to fix error ” Couldn’t move app”.

  37. Hi!

    I have a big problem with my 4.4.2 S4. Until today everything was perfect with writing to external SD because I have a rooted one and I modified /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml with . Suddenly today after a restart it don’t want to mount external sd writable, but only readable.
    I think it happened after I used SManager to mount External SD as drive in my PC using USB.
    Only solution that I fount until now it to open /mnt/media_rw/extSdCard with Root Explorer and make it writable from there manually. What happened?! Any idea how to fix it back?!

    Thank you in advance!

    HERE THE BEST WAY TO INSTALL APPS ( youtube , google play services , etc… ) to sd card
    first of all
    turn on your debugging option
    you need to install android SDK ( search on google )
    download adb shells
    open the command in abd shells folder
    by pressing swift button and right click of mouse
    now type the following
    adb devices ( your devices should be listed)
    adb shell pm set-install-location 2
    adb shell pm set-install-location 0

  39. Thank you Sergey. You just saved my ass and I can sleep well now again :D Just followed all steps with TCMD support and that’s it..
    TF701T 4.4.2 root

  40. Well, tried the method avobe.
    It finally screwed all my system, millions of pop-ups saying this thing or that stopped, etc.

    No way to fix it, I think.
    Setted permissions to 644.

    Reverted to original file, with 644 permissions.
    Nothing worked.

    I have to do a factory reset!

    PD: I have an S4 Value Edition Latin, i9515L. 4.4.2.

  41. You are very irresponsible. You should write big notification: “CHANGE PERMISSIONS.XML TO WR/R/R, OR YOU WILL HAVE TO REBOOT YOUR DEVICE!!!”
    How can you write “guides” that doesn’t highlight most important thing??? Now I propably have to reboot my phone…

  42. !!! STOP !!!
    If your just trying to delete photos and your phone apps or computer apps wont let you, try this before you dig into your phone or root it just to delete photos …

    Don’t use an app to delete, such as Gallery,.. just go to the phone, My Files / All Files / extSdCard / DCIM/ Camera / … and select the photos and delete from there.

    I hope that helps someone.
    Sorry if it was already suggested else where as I did not read every post.

  43. Try this before you format data partition
    (Root is needed and a custom recovery is recommended)

    The file /data/system/packages.xml
    is also automatically modified by the system
    when /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml
    is changed/deleted or has wrong permissions (644)

    One solution:
    1. put a backup of /data/system/packages.xml after having
    modified platform.xml
    2. delete /data/system/packages.xml
    (you lose some configs so beware)
    3. reboot

    1. Thanks so freaking much for posting this!

      You have no idea how many sites I had to search through before I found an actual fix for this problem. Everyone else just factory resets or restores from a backup (yes, I should’ve made one too, but now I know).

      Also, for anyone else that comes across this, be sure to clear cache and dalvik-cache after you delete the packages.xml, it didn’t work for me until I did both together.

  44. LGOptimus L70. Transferring files BACK AND FORTH FROM SD CARD AND PHONE:TAKE YOUR SIM CARD OUT THEN I WAS ABLE TO MOVE FILES APPS DOWNLOADS ECT. no BULLSHIT. I cannot tell you How much research Ive done with nothing. But I found out by accident, trying to unlock my Metro PCS LG optimus L70(m323)carriers pin. FUCK off Google you are ZERO.Later

  45. I have root S4 sph-l720t running 4.4.2. When I place a call the record button depresses, but the “record 00:00” dialog stays the same. when I hit stop, it says “failed to save recording”. it looks like its not even recording since the dialog stays at 00:00.

    any suggestions?

  46. Hi, i want to have an option on my application management of

    “Move to SD” button. how can i have it?

  47. I fixed my LENOVO IDEAPAD A7-10 , android 4.4.2 with your instructions:
    I only needed to add the line:

    to the:
    It did not need to change any file permissions (like 644).
    Also the “NextApp SDFix” (which i tried before following your instructions) did NOT work for me.
    Best Regards.

  48. i tried this method on ny sony d2212. now my mobile is bricked i.e when i reboot it is turned ON and showing sony logo and then again it’s getting switch off and automatically switching ON and again same thing is appearing please solve my problem

  49. no good 4.1.1 huswei ascend y300 doesn’t like permission change what is wrong here I set perms to 644 before editing then saved now it has made f’s all sdcard as 1st part all apps on sdcard seem lost

  50. !Saludo a todos¡
    Este tipo de post’s son útiles, pero deben seguirse de una forma muy apegada a las instrucciones que el autor recomienda. Ahora, les comparto que tengo en mis manos un dispositivo android de gama baja en particular el modelo es LG L65(LG D280f) tengo aproximadamente un año utilizándolo, utilizo aplicaciones para gestionar mi tiempo, de correo electronico,juegos, aplicaciones de edición de fotos, y unas que otras que ayuden en la escuela todas éstas descargadas de la play store y otras markets : ) . Como este móvil trae instaladas varias apps de fábrica y una memoria interna muy escasa que es de 1.5 gb verán (si es que tienen este modelo) que cuando instalas otras apps de terceros se llena la memoria interna muy rápido.

    Si he leído bien este post me ayudará a que las apps se instalen en la memoria externa.
    Además la utilidad del teléfono aumenta un poco más.
    He seguido este método y debo decir:
    * Funciona y no ha tenido ninguna interferencia con ninguna app. Youtube me permite ver videos, facebook ver mi muro, gmail ver mi bandeja de entrada.
    * Agradecer a quien hizo esto funcional, en mi dispositivo funcionó.

  51. !Greetings to everyone
    This type of post’s are useful, but must be followed in a way very attached to the instructions that the author recommends. Now, I share that I have in my hands an Android device low end in particular the model LG L65 (LG D280f) I have about a year to use it, I use applications to manage my time, mail, games, photo editing and some others to help them in school all play downloaded from the store and other markets:). As this mobile brings factory installed several apps and very little internal memory which is 1.5 gb see (if you have this model) when you install other third-party apps really fast internal memory becomes full.

    If I read correctly this post I will help the apps are installed in the external memory.
    Furthermore the utility of the phone increases slightly.
    I followed this method and I must say:
    * It Works and has not had any interference with any app. Youtube lets me watch videos, see my facebook wall, see my gmail inbox.
    * Thank whoever did this functional on my device worked.

  52. Hi, i did all the steps but the apliccation “total comander” it does not let me write or replace the file “platform. xml”.
    Also use ” Sd fix” application and not served , I am root ( with kingroot ) and I have a sony t3. Really appreciate the help .

  53. If you have just installed CyanogenMod v12, please read this: CM-12 is shipped with Root Access turned off, a change from previous versions CM-10 and CM-11 which were Rooted by default. To fully root your device such that you can accomplish the above procedure and so that ES File Explorer can actually save edited files back to the /system/etc/permissions/ folder (“platform.xml” for example), you might have to do the following steps first:
    1. In CM-12, turn on Developer Options by tapping 7 times on the “Settings>About Device>Build Number” menu item.
    2. Once Developer Options are enabled, look there for the “Root Access” menu item. Open it, and set Root Access to “APPS & ADB”.
    3. Now that your device is Rooted, download and install SuperSU or a similar app from the Play Store. SuperSU is an app that manages and controls Root (Superuser) access to Apps on your device. Whatever text editor you might be using to modify the “platform.xml” file will need SU access to write the edit back to device storage, and ES File Explorer will also need SU privileges to be fully functional, so you need a Superuser app to take care of this.
    4. Once the above steps have been completed, you should be able to modify the platform.xml file with the text editor of your choice, after which Apps will be able to read and write to the external SD card.

    I think this whole issue will go away with Android v6 (CM-13?) if the user goes with the “Adoptable Storage” option, which integrates the internal storage with the external SD card.

  54. Your tutorial worked again for me on my new samsung galaxy S5 which runs android 5.1.1
    Now I can save text and media (pics, videos) with all the apps on my external sd card.
    Thank you!

  55. unlock external sd card writing for all apps in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, kindly help me what I can do to solve this issue

  56. The problem is this fix requires root access (personally I think if it’s YOUR device, you ALWAYS should have some form of root access, anything else denies you the full usage of a device YOU paid for). Without root access, it seems the only other option is to go to Google HQ and severely punish the Google engineers who thought locking us out of our own SD card was a good idea.

  57. Please oooooo, I’m using Sony Xperia Z1 and have problems writing files to my SD Card. I have tried all the solution prescribed, tried the SDFIX app. I realised that after rebooting the phone, everything works fine for a few minutes, then the write error resumes again until another reboot.
    I’m frustrated. What do I do?
    Thank you.

  58. ZTE phone is not working for me either Z178LT it wont let me send apps to SD card or let phone apps access file on SD card can you send me the link/download/Root pathway/phone apps/to SD card/vice versa. thanks for your help in this :)

  59. Wow, when i first edit it i forget to set permissions and I have totally bad error – my bluetooth doesnt working and i spend one whole day to repair it (without success – i must totally clean internal storage and flash new ROM. )
    But now with adjusted permissions it working perfectly fine :).
    P.S. Yes I’m idiot – i didnt know that because of it can be Bluetooth (and maybe other things) broken.

  60. Well i just did everything as written up there and i got the permission to edit/write/read files on my external sd but even if i select my external sd as default memory on the settings the apps keep writing on the internal memory as if they ignore the setting. I’m using android 5.1 thanks in advance

  61. after following the above steps I edited the platform.XML and after restarting certain apps writing unfortunately apps have stop like YouTube ,security service etc and internal and external SD card is not detected in file manager. I reset and format my phone but still no repair and I cannot download or install any apps on my phone what shud I do

  62. I tried all and everything on my etc one m8 6.0 and nothing works to move apps to ext memory card and I am rooted

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