The list of Twitter hotkeys (Web Site Keyboard Shortcuts)

Twitter is a very popular social network which almost everyone uses these days. It needs no introduction. If you are posting tweets using its website from your PC, you might be interested in learning its hotkeys. Learning Twitter hotkeys will save your time and speed up your posting.

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Modern web sites have a nice ability to activate various controls and action using hotkeys. The browser can handle hotkeys for an opened web page and call the appropriate action. For the end user, this works like a hotkey in a Windows Desktop app.

Using hotkeys, you can post a new tweet, Like or reply to a tweet and do many other actions. There is the full list of Twitter hotkeys.


The list of Twitter Shortcuts

nNew Tweet
jScroll down
kScroll up
. (dot)Go to Top and refresh
?Show the list of hotkeys
ghGo Home

In addition to hotkeys, you can use these commands. Note: Commands should be entered in the tweet text box instead of the tweet's content. They are case-insensitive.

d @username messageSend a direct (private) message to the @user.
follow @usernameFollow a user.
leave @usernameDo not show updates from the @user but leave him in your "following" list.
delete @usernameUnfollow the user.
invite email-or-numberInvite a friend by mail or phone to Twitter.
whois @usernameGet a quick info about the @user.
offTurn off all mentions sent to you. Sending "off" twice suppress even direct messages.
onTurn messages on again
track keywordSubscribe to tweets containing the specified keyword.
untrack "keyword"Stop the tracking of the specified keyword.
untrack allClear the list of tracked keywords.
trackThe the full list of currently tracked keywords.
statsShows the number of your followers and your track list contents.

That's it.


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  1. Aron Warner

    this is a really great thing to watch this keyboard shortcuts you are explaining well .tHe concepts are so proper. And also the twitter hotkeys are really important if you are using a twitter account. By the hotkeys, you do many things as quick as possible.


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