Turn On or Off Desktop Background Image in Windows 10

How to Turn On or Off Desktop Background Image in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with many accessibility features. One of them allows you to turn off the desktop background, so even when an image is set from Settings > Personalization, it does not appear on the desktop. This is a lesser known feature of the OS. When it is accidentally turned on, it can be very difficult to understand why Windows 10 does not show the desktop background.

How to Clear Wallpaper History in Windows 10

If you changed your Windows 10 desktop background several times, the images you used will be shown in the Choose your picture in Settings. If you want to delete previous wallpapers and clear the used desktop background history, Windows 10 provides no option for this task! In this article, we will see how to remove previously used desktop background images history in Windows 10.

Change Windows 10 desktop wallpaper without activation

Once Windows 10 is installed but not activated, the user cannot change personalization options. They are locked until Windows 10 is activated. Until then, it is not possible to use Personalization to change the desktop background image. Here is a workaround.

Download new default wallpapers from Windows 10 build 10154

In the new unleaked build 10154 of Windows 10, a set of new default wallpapers was spotted by testers. It is different from all the wallpapers we saw in previously released builds. Interested users can download it right now.

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