Reduce the size of your Windows 10 installation using compact.exe

In Windows 10, Microsoft made some changes to the operating system to make it use less disk space. This was essential to compete with Android because Windows tablets with storage as small as 32 GB are being sold today and the experience on them is not optimal if the disk space starts to fill up. These changes should allow a bit more free space on mobile devices like phones and tablets, which are far more limited in disk resources than traditional laptops and desktops. In this article, we will see how to manage your Windows 10 installation and make it use less disk space using the optimizations Microsoft added.

Get 2.5 GB of extra free space in Windows 10 build 10049

Unlike previous versions of Windows 10 Technical Preview, the latest public build, Windows 10 build 10049, takes a significantly larger amount of time to install for some users. It was made available for Windows Insiders recently and many users noticed the slow upgrade time and additional space taken on the disk drive after installing Windows 10 build 10049. Here is how you can get 2.5 GB of disk space back after installing Windows 10 build 10049.

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