Change the download location in IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera

In this article I would like to show you how to change the default download location in popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Most of the mainstream browsers keep downloaded files in the user's Downloads folder, located at C:\Users\<Your User name>\Downloads. If you would like to set some other location for downloaded files, i.e. change it to the Desktop folder for faster access, then read the rest of this article.

Enable delayed loading of previous session tabs on startup in Opera

Opera 23 features delayed loading of previous session tabs on startup. This new option is a really great improvement in the browser as it improves performance: Opera will start much faster and consume less CPU resources on startup. However, by default this feature only works in tandem with Opera Turbo (Off-road mode). If you want to try the lazy loading feature of tabs in Opera 23, but don't need Off-road mode, here is a trick for you which enables delayed loading of previous session tabs regardless of the Off-road mode state.

How to reset Opera browser settings to their defaults

After we published how to reset Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox settings, our reader Phil asked how to reset the Opera browser. Although new versions of Opera are based on Chromium and mostly similar to Google Chrome, its developers have made several changes to Opera's core settings so the process isn't exactly the same. Compared to Chrome, Opera has a very simplified options UI. It almost seems as if Opera want to alienate their power users and loyal fans which loved the once feature-rich browser that it used to be. But let's stay on topic. The Opera browser does not come with any built-in Reset feature, so you need to reset it manually as described below.

How to download the full offline installer for Opera web browser

Today, Opera Software has introduced a major change to the redistribution model of the Opera browser. Like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the stable release channel of Opera will get a web-based installer in the near future. Opera Dev branch has already got it so anyone who is interested in staying on the bleeding edge of browser development will be able to play with the installer stub.

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