How to stop Windows 10 apps from running in the background

In Windows 10, some apps are always running in the background. Microsoft designed Windows 10 to run apps constantly to provide notifications to users and keep those apps updated with content that they fetch from the internet. There are plenty of users who never use the Store apps, but they still run in the background and consume system resources. Let's see how to stop them and free system resources.

Create Desktop shortcuts for Modern apps in Windows 10 with drag and drop

With Windows 10, you no longer need to perform any tricks with the AppsFolder to open Modern apps. There is now a native way to create shortcuts on the Desktop for any Store app you have installed on your PC. This trick is possible thanks to the new Start menu, which is more flexible and powerful than the Start screen in Windows 8.1. In this article, I would like to show you how you can do it.

How to disable notification sounds for Modern apps in Windows 8.1

Notifications inform the user about changes happening on his PC or tablet via sound or visual alerts. Windows 8 introduced toast notifications shown by Modern apps, which also notify you with a sound. There are lots of situations when you need to make your tablet or PC silent. In this article, we will see how to disable or enable notification sounds for Modern apps in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.

How to hide or show the minimize button for Modern apps

In Windows 8.1 Update 1, Microsoft made some changes to make the OS friendlier for keyboard/mouse users. Modern apps now have a title bar. You can make that titlebar visible by moving your mouse pointer to the top edge of the screen. We also showed you how to make the title bar show using a keyboard shortcut that opens the window menu. Today, we will see how to hide the minimize button if you prefer having a cleaner UI.

Hotkey to show the titlebar menu of Modern Apps in Windows 8.1 Spring Update 1 (Feature Pack)

In our earlier roundup of Windows 8.1 Spring Update 1 (Feature Pack), we wrote about Modern apps finally having a title bar with close and minimize buttons. We also covered a hotkey to show the Taskbar when a Modern app is focused. Now I would like to share a simple tip to show the context menu for the title bar of Modern Apps with a hotkey.

Hotkey to show the taskbar in Modern (Metro) apps in Windows 8.1 Spring Update 1 (Feature Pack)

As we covered previously, Windows 8.1 Spring Update 1 (Feature Pack) brings some new features for Modern apps: now they have a title bar with close and minimize buttons. The Taskbar also shows inside Modern apps. However, showing the taskbar is tricky and unreliable with the mouse. Here's a reliable way to show it using the keyboard.

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