Remove What’s New Gift Box Icon From Firefox

How to Remove What's New Gift Box Icon From Firefox Toolbar and Menu

Starting in Firefox 70, the browser shows a new icon in the toolbar and in the main menu. Named simply 'What's new', it has a gift box icon and opens a pane that contains a brief overview of the key changes included to the current release of the browser. If you are not happy to see it, it can be quickly disabled. Also, see updates for Firefox 72 in this post below.

Enable Green HTTPS Icon in Firefox 70

How to Restore Green HTTPS Icon in Firefox 70

One of the changes introduced in Firefox 70 is the gray HTTPS lock icon which replaced the green icon used in previous browser versions. If you are not happy with this change, you can restore the green lock icon. There is a hidden option for that.

Meet Firefox 70. Here are the key changes

Mozilla is releasing a new version of their popular Firefox browser to the stable branch. Firefox 70 is now available, bringing WebRender to a larger number of users, comes with privacy and safety enhancements, and user interface improvements, including a new logo, a geolocation indicator, native (system) dark theme support for internal pages on Windows, and much more.

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