Find Last BIOS Boot Time in Windows 10

How to Find Last BIOS Boot Time in Windows 10

BIOS is a special software built into the computer's motherboard. It starts the operating system installed on the PC. It is also referred to as main board firmware. In modern devices, it is superseded by UEFI. The Last BIOS time value shows the amount of time in seconds that the UEFI firmware spent for device initialization, including POST (a power-on self-test) before it delivers boot management to the OS.

Windows 8 reboots (restarts) instead of shutting down

A number of Winaero readers write to me regularly saying they have various shutdown-related issues with Windows 8 (and now Windows 8.1). The most popular issue is that their PC reboots instead of shutting down. When they click shut down, Windows 8 doesn't shutdown, but instead restarts.

It is hard to tell what is the exact cause of such behavior, because the reason can be different from PC to PC, but in this article we will explore some solutions which can be helpful if you are facing this problem of the computer rebooting instead of doing a shut down.

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