Caution: Firefox can wear out your SSD drive

Mozilla Firefox is one of the well-known web browsers. During its long life from 2004, it got extremely popular due to add-on support but lost the race to Google once they released the Chrome browser. Lately, Firefox has been doing some changes which are not being well-received by users. One latest discovery shows that Firefox causes an abnormally high amount of disk operations which on SSDs can wear them out or reduce their lifespan.
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Best addons for Firefox – 2016 Winaero edition

Mozilla Firefox is my browser of choice since most of the mainsteam browsers are Chromium-based, which I never liked for their non-customizable user interface. I can't even have multirow tabs in Chrome, so I switched to Firefox a long time ago. While the Vivaldi browser looks very promising for advanced users, I have not switched to this browser completely yet, since it is far from complete and a lot remains to be done. Today, I would like to share with you my list of favorite add-ons for Firefox, which I consider must-have for every user. Hopefully, you will find them useful too.
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