Skype Insider Lost A Number Of Features By Becoming an Electron App

Microsoft updates Skype Insider for Windows 10. It is a bit surprising, but the new app is based on the Electron platform. The update lacks certain features that were available in its previous releases.

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As reported by users installed the latest app preview, the elector-based Skype Preview doesn't include the following features:

The transition from UWP to Electron is not smooth, but will allow developers to easily adapt Skype for more platforms, such as Chrome OS. The changes have been spotted in Skype Preview v8.58.76.92, available on the Store for Insiders.

When switching from UWP to Electron, Microsoft will have to distribute the ported desktop application through the Store, and it will no longer be “native” to the Store ecosystem.

Well, for users who do not use unique Skype features, the transition will be go smoothly. They might not even notice that the UWP-specific features are missing from the app.


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  1. Andrei

    How to leave skype preview program?


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