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RSS and Email subscribers of Winaero, I need to hear from you

Dear Winaero readers, I would like to collect some feedback from our existing RSS and email subscribers to learn how we should proceed. As you may already know, Google's FeedBurner service, which we use to deliver our post updates and emails, is going into maintenance mode in July 2021, and won't deliver emails any longer.

In fact, FeedBurner is a dead man walking for a long time. It doesn't receive updates, has plenty of broken links inside its UI, and looks ancient and forgotten.

Additionally, it also has some delivery issues. I've observed that some of the posts appear in its RSS feed with a delay of several hours. On the other hand, the mail delivery is reliable. It wasn't a serious issue before we started writing news here. Now I would like to reach out to our readers ASAP. The delay annoys me (and most likely you too).

Should we even have these options here?

In fact, RSS subscribers on Winaero are a very small community. In general, RSS is not popular these days. Most users are happy with following websites on social media channels such as Twitter and others. Following this trend, Winaero has its presence on Twitter and Telegram.

So, I would like to hear from you, do you really need RSS and email update delivery? Maybe it is a good idea to disconnect FeedBurner for good and go without any replacement?

Let's make this decision together.

If you think that an email subscription is a must-have, and know of a good alternative to FeedBurner, please suggest it here. In any case, please share your thoughts in the comments.

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197 thoughts on “RSS and Email subscribers of Winaero, I need to hear from you

  1. Shai Lasher

    I am on the Telegram channel and am subscribed to the newsletter. This way, at any time, I can search for issues, even years after they were addressed. RSS has never been anything I need or find necessary or wanted :-)


      1. Charles

        Dear Sir,
        I tried to find an e-mail address for you to contact you, but couldn’t, so I really hope you see this. I followed your instructions on disabling proton in Firefox:
        It works, thank goodness, and the active tab and bookmark menu are compact and the color of my theme (green), but I still cannot delete separators, the menu bar went white, as did all tabs that are inactive. I noticed that you said changing certain settings may interfere with your fix. I originally got rid of proton by using the about:config settings while they still worked. Can you tell me what settings I have to change to get everything back to normal? If you can, I would gratefully make a donation. If not, I’ll have to go back to the accursed proton. Thanks!

  2. hooddy

    да ну нафик… Серег, ты же сам писал про неудобство телеги (и я тебе об этом писал. реально каналы в телеге это просто верх неудобности. зачем из месседжера делать супераппу типа вичата я просто не понимаю. ладно у азиатов вообще свое вмдение интернета). и гугол что-то с рсс опять делат в Хроме. из преддоженного только твиттер, но учитывая, что теперь ко всему в любой стране есть претензии, то твитер тоже такое себе (у меня гна мобиле до сих пор не открывается, хотя вроде как утрясли с нашими все), хотя я и подписан. имейл рассылки кажется популярны на западе, но не в экссовке (могу ошибаться). если выпилишь рсс, то буду как-то своими силами семафорить сайт.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Я пока лишь хочу услышать мнение людей, чтоб понять, что делать.
      Спасибо за отзыв, для меня он реально важен.

  3. Johan

    Please don’t remove RSS. I don’t mind a delay. I know RSS is not popular today but in this anti chronology algorithm worshipping world it’s the only alternative for us who like to choose for ourselves and have a chronological feed instead of a random algorithm feed.

  4. Ota Milink

    I still use RSS feed…

    If the website does not support it I use to create one from HTML pages.

  5. P Viegas

    I’ve been receiving your – and other sources’ – RSS through “Feedly” for some 4 years now and I’m vey happy with it.
    Please do not discontinue the RSS feeds!!! And keep up the good work.
    All the best to you.

  6. Tloy

    I do not use E-Mail notifications but I do use RSS (via feedly) extensively. This is mostly because following a plethora of websites via social media tends to omit or drown posts because of “algorithm” (esp. YT) even if they would have been relevant for me.
    I would very much like to see RSS continue to be supported. Though iirc the old Google RSS was able to scrape websites for their content and show in an RSS Feed, I do not know if feedly or standalone applications can do this. If yes it would propably be enough to make a website friendly for such scrapers.
    Sadly I do not know much in the way of enabling feeds as to be able to provide a possible alternative to FeedBurner

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Well, there is a possibility to serve a direct feed here without using external services.

      1. SRS

        1) Many of my friends use RSS, though tools/ways vary. I shared your articles to them, and some of us now enjoy using Thunderbird/Vivaldi (both have RSS features).
        2) Your recent article: “Google re-adds RSS support to the Chrome browser”.

        3) For me, RSS reading is efficient and immersive.
        4) I prefer a direct feed.
        5) And please consider making the feed “summary” contain at least the complete text content, or even the main images (like what Chromium/Vivaldi’s blog RSS do).

  7. Help

    Some chrome browsers, such as Chrome or Edge, where the browser built-in web translation feature does not work on winaero’s pages, even if you choose to translate them into another language, the pages still appear in English

  8. Geoff

    I have subscribed to Winareo via RSS for many years and rely on Winareo and Winareo Tweaker for computer info and such.
    I use RSS and email for my source of news and information. I don’t use a phone, only my PC and don’t use any of the social apps.
    I would be lost without your RSS blog.

      1. Jeremy

        I’m following many website only with rss (and feedly). It’s so useful and very simple to synch with my smartphone.
        I’m not using email.
        Telegram is more for me something like WhatsApp and not relevant to replace rss

  9. Stan

    I’m using Inoreader to get news from your site – although you can subscribe Feedburner RSS channel, there is also an option to just sub the blog page. I’m wondering how people are using Twitter to manage their news.

  10. F

    I use the RSS feed, but not the email.
    I prefer RSS to Telegram, cause I can bundle all my RSS feeds into 1 feed.

  11. Sasha

    Hi Sergey. Thank for beautiful site and useful, interesting content.
    For me RSS very important because i subscribed to couple hundred sites
    and without RSS impossible read them all in acceptable time.
    So if its possible please keep RSS on.
    I found many useful information on this site what help me in my work.

  12. Zoe

    I don’t get the email subscriptions but I heavily rely on your RSS feeds, I’m quite old school with my rss habit and still use FeedDemon to read all my news, please don’t take my feed away lol

      1. Zoe

        Popped back here to see what others were saying and happy to se there’s a bunch of us rss fans out there.

        But I also noticed you replied to every piece of feedback you received, now that’s dedication to your followers, I appreciate that, I hope others do too, thank you!

        Have a great day and thank you for saying RSS will stay


        1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

          Well, RSS will definitely survive, since it has plenty of users.
          I think I will keep FeedBurner for some time, but eventually it will die on its own
          I will announce the feed address change.

  13. Sergey

    Hello. I’m subscribed to RSS via Feedly – it’s a very comfortable way for me to read the news. I don’t use Telegram to get my daily news so I’d really like to continue getting RSS updates, but if it’s not possible then Telegram will do…

  14. Алексей Долматов

    Подписками не пользуюсь, т.к. проще открыть сайт, а не искать программу/плагин для просмотра ленты. Тем более, что для прочтения всё равно придётся посетить сайт.
    Для других сайтов получаю письма по подписке. Чтобы это было удобно необходимо со стороны сервера иметь возможность индивидуального способа получения новостей (сразу, раз в сутки, раз неделю и т.п.). Здесь нужно смотреть, целесообразно ли иметь такой функционал – зависит от количества подписчиков и затрат на обслуживание.
    Если оставлять RSS, то вижу вариант только оставить генерацию страницы и кнопку для подписки. Кому нужно самостоятельно выберет клиент для просмотра сообщений. В дальнейшем собирать статистику по загрузке именно RSS и анализировать необходимость.
    Как обозначено ранее, сами по себе эти каналы не популярны, так что я бы не стал их поддерживать. RSS хоть и пользуется спросом, но живёт в специфических случаях. Почта более актуальна, но зависит от того, хочет ли пользователь проверять несколько подписок на почте или открывать несколько сайтов.

  15. Bruce

    I guess I am one of the few who uses RSS. I follow over 100 feeds using Feedly.
    I never heard of Telegram but will check it out.

  16. Henry

    I don’t think you know how many RSS followers you have. :) RSS is by its nature an anonymous following method. I don’t use Telegram and would not install yet another app just to follow one site.

  17. Maciej


    I’ve been using RSS every day for years.
    Please leave this option for users accustomed to this technology. I hardly use Twitter and Telegram, so RSS is my priority source of information about news on your website.

  18. David L Plaut

    I subscribe via email. I don’t have a Telegram account but I’ll take a look at that. I use Facebook a lot but I know posts are filtered there so that is not ideal.

  19. Michael Bereece

    I download and read your blog on a daily basis and find it to be very valuable. Being a self taught nerd, I have learned a lot from your articles. I do (and probably will not) not use social media and hope you can find another outlet for your emails. Unfortunately, I am old and retired and cannot financially support your efforts adequately Thank you and good luck

  20. Alexandros Galata

    I used to curate my news with rss feed. I finally gave up and read the news from MSN but I have subscribed with email to a couple of sites that I follow for my special interests, including your extremely useful website, which I sponsored this month as my little humble tribute.
    Keep up the good work and please keep the email newsletters coming!!

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Thank you very much for you support and feedback.
      So, it looks like both features are useful.

  21. Dave

    I use RSS but, I use it with and I can just enter in the home page url and get nearly the same results.

    I am more concerned with the fact that most of the time I can’t post replies anymore.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Hi Dave.
      Happy to hear from you.
      What exactly is going on when you post a comment?

  22. Gregg Hermetech

    I always use the email updates. I don’t have Twitter or Telegram, so if the emails stop, I won’t get updated any more.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      I see.
      Well, we need an alternative service in any case. It won’t work without FeedBurner.

  23. Aidaz

    Hi, if you disable rss, I prefer The twitter is messy for me. But I would like to stay on rss channel (via feedly service). Some other opinions about rss

  24. Julian Garcia

    The last RSS I used was Microsoft and that was a couple of years ago so needless to say, I don’t find RSS useful. I am subscribed to your newsletter and would like to continue receiving it. I will also get Telegram and look for your messages there. Please continue this service. It is welcomed. I forwarded a couple of articles to a Facebook group and suggested they join. I’ve also donated a couple of times.

  25. Gabriel

    I don’t use Twitter or Telegram. Feedly is my main source of information, so it’d be really nice to keep following Winaero there.

  26. Nena

    I’ve never used RSS, and frankly I have no idea how it works.
    For many years I have received daily emails from Winaero, which bring subjects of interest to everyone who uses a computer.
    If possible, continuing to receive news via email would be ideal for me.
    Congratulations on your fine work, Winaero!

    Best regards, Nena

  27. David

    I look forward to the daily Winaero email. The information you provide is very useful. I don’t use social media and rely on email for Winaero. Please try to retain the email option. Thank you.

  28. Michael

    I use RSS, please continue to support it. I do not use other social media so this is the only way I learn about new posts on your site.

  29. TJ

    Another vote for RSS. I’ve started following you on Twitter, but my feed there gets crowded at times, so without RSS, I’m sure I’ll miss some of your posts. With RSS, it’s better late than never!

    Thanks for all the good work you do!

  30. Buzz

    Email is the only means by which I get news nowadays. So please don’t remove it :)

    If you do discontinue your emails thanks for all the news, I will miss you.

    Sadly I do not know of a possible alternative…

  31. Rand

    I use RSS, I do not care if there is a delay is recieving it.
    I’m still using FeedDemon although at some point I’ll probably replace it as my RSS application of choice.
    Please don’t remove RSS, it’s immensely useful and frankly I would miss a ton of content on here without it as I never directly visit the site.

    I do not use/care about email delivery.

  32. Laurent Duchastel

    Please keep RSS. I read you daily with Inoreader. I appreciate very much your posts. I unfortunately won’t be able to manage daily other means.

  33. Britman

    Hi Sergey,
    Place Winaero on the Internet/Web site and send a link by email.
    Thank you for the great work which you do.


  34. John

    I get the email, and don’t use RSS, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook. Instagram or other social media so would miss out on Winaero news, which is interesting and usually useful. From the comments, seems like I’m in the minority.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Well, there are many users who use our email subscription.
      So, you are not alone.

      1. jC

        Didn’t realize Thunderbird also has a feed reader – saw it below in a post. Nice, so I am now getting both.

  35. M Andre Z Eckenrode

    I subscribe via RSS, and would prefer to continue to do so. I don’t use social media at all — can’t stand any of them. If RSS and email updates go away, I will likely only get around to checking out your posts once in a great while. It’s much nicer to have them show up in RSS, even if delayed, so I can peruse and decide which ones are of interest to me. Please keep up the good work, and the RSS if possible.

  36. JamesRoack12

    I only use RSS in Mozilla Thunderbird so if RSS is stopped then I won’t know anything new on your blog site.

  37. David Chisholm

    I subscribe to feeds wherever available. Otherwise, I sign up for newsletters via Kill the Newsletter!

  38. eliduvid

    I’m subscribed through rss, don’t mind the delay.
    If it gets discontinued, I will probably try one of this feed generating tools everyone is talking about.

  39. RoadJack

    Email updates are very useful for me, this is the only update method I use for quite a long time. It would be nice if the newsletter could be maintained in some way.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      In this case, we need to use an alternative service, which also supports importing emails.

  40. Mike

    I enjoy the email notices and would like them to continue. Thanks for your contribution to our ability to stay relative up to date on Windows technology.

  41. Sanjay Trivedi

    i am using Email subscription and Twitter. My 1st preference is to email and then Twitter. i don’t mind for email if i get late, because i will keep in touch with you on Twitter. please continue on both channels.
    Thanks in advance for informing all of us.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      That’s not me mate.
      I have nothing against email newsletters.
      So I am looking for a decent alternative.

  42. Thomas

    I’ve been receiving your info via email for a very long time and I’m very happy with it.

    For a while I have your blog website permanently open as a tab in Chrome. But your website often unfortunately does not work properly and that was very unpleasant to look at and therefore do not do that anymore.

    For a while I had subscribed to your messages in Telegram, but somehow I found that annoying on the phone.

    Twitter and other social media I find terrible and refuse to do.

    I don’t use RSS either.

    Bottom line: please keep the emailing.

    PS: Thank you so much for your good work. I am a satisfied reader and love using your tweaker app.

  43. ORelio

    Thanks for your articles that are very helpful.
    I’m also using RSS, but not email. Please keep it :)

  44. Chrissy Willow Rothgeb

    I currently rely upon your daily emails to keep up on stuff. While I would definitely miss it, I understand if you need to drop the service. As for RSS… Google killed it for me when they discontinued Reader. I definitely still see a use for the service, but I do not use it and wouldn’t be impacted.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Thanks for your feedback.
      In fact it is not me, it is Google who drops the service for me.
      Looking for a better alternative here.

  45. Michael

    RSS is the only news reader I use, I stay away from social media so would not get any updates if RSS went down

  46. Simon König

    I recieve your new articles via E-Mail and it should not be closed. I didn’t knew you are on Twitter, but I don’t like to have this much notifications on my mobile.
    Via E-Mail I have the mail there and can open it at any time, even in a few days when I have no time today. This way I cannot miss anything.
    The same way was how I used YouTube: I got all new videos via Mail and when I wanted to watch something I kept the mail for later and deletet the others, but after they discontinued this service because of no reason I have no way to sort the videos anymore.
    So if you will end the newsletter I still have Twitter, but this is less comfortable for me.

  47. Rosie

    I’ve been receiving and enjoying e-mails as well as the software but transferring to telegram is no problem for me. If you have time, is there a way to adjust the size of the tollbars, right now they take almost half the screen. Thanks for everything.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Thanks for your reply.
      Could you share more details, in which apps you have such a big toolbar?

  48. Timi

    For me RSS is essential for reading tech news sites, I use the Livemarks extension to restore RSS functionality in Firefox, so as I can see the news at a glance, hope it’s not much of a headache to maintain RSS functionality on Winaero, as for email I don’t really use it for news notifications!

  49. Matthew

    Another RSS user here. I just don’t find social media useful for keeping up with news. I much prefer the ability to be able to directly curate my feeds and go through them chronologically.

  50. Rick Grunwald

    I like the RSS feed but could switch to emails. Here are some ways to do an rss feed yourself
    Then for emails … a google group or doesn’t seem to have any message size limitation and google groups is limited to 7 mb. This may not be an issue for you

    I work out of my email program and if I don’t have emails or an RSS feed, I wouldn’t be coming to your site so often.
    Thanks for all you do

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Well, WordPress has a native feed.
      We will serve it directly or route to a new service.

  51. maritza

    I subscribe via email. I´m not much into social media, but I suppose I could give Telegram a try if necessary. Twitter only in case of extreme necessity. I’ve never used RSS and I’m not really sure how it works, but I suppose it’s a matter of learning/getting used to it. Thank you for all your good work,

  52. Brian Williams

    I find RSS incredibly useful. If you can continue it, I would be very happy!

    It’s all very well for kids with nothing to do to look at social media, but people with less time prefer headlines aggregated than having to continually go through blog listings with chunks of text and inevitable “click for more”.

    RSS gives you a simple list of headlines and you can get more details for each headline. It’s a no brainer.

    Thanks whatever your decision.

  53. James Bryant

    I do depend on your email updates. Often fixing a situation with my widows systems is a simple search through your update emails kept in their own directory. Your Winaero project is a joy to follow as is having the app on my machines! Thank so much for making it available. [Miami, FL]

  54. Paolo Angioni

    I use e-mail but I just subscribed to Twitter, even if I’m not always there.
    Never used Telegram and I’ll try not to.

  55. Glenn

    I’ve been using RSS for as long as RSS has existed. It’s not even close to dead, as much as Google has tried to kill it (except now Google is starting to use it again). No more Reader, but Feedly is going strong. Keep up the good work. Keep up the RSS. Thanks.

  56. RSS user

    Please don’t remove RSS. I have 88 users company with my favorite RSS reader:

  57. George

    Thanks for taking user input into account.

    I do use RSS extensively. I do not use Telegram for this kind of thing, and probably never will.
    Furthermore, I’d urge against letting Google dictate which technology is dead, “legacy” or whatever. It keeps happening way too often.

  58. Jozsef

    I’ve always just checked the website and of course that works but it’s not the most efficient, that’s why I’m commenting here. It may be time for a new approach. RSS seems like a nice thing and I’ve always intended to try it. (I’m really not trying to be quirky, honestly!) I remember it appearing but just had no immediate need for it.

  59. Jeffrey Karasik

    Been using RSS feeds for nearly 2 decades. I’d hate to lose Winaero via RSS, but I’d make sure to visit your website every day because it’s one of my favorite and reliable sources of information. Keep up your good work!

  60. Difool2Nice

    i like to have my rss feeds from winaero ! i use the extension Livemarks on Firefox and works really good, and i like your feeds , reading them with pleasure

  61. chesscanoe

    I currently rely on email but if too expensive or too slow in the future, I can live with a chrome extension that lists URLs I frequently visit, called Humble New Tab Page..

  62. JohnC

    It really doesn’t matter now. Microsoft’s announcement about Windows 11 not running on most of the PCs out in the wild, including all four in this house – even though they have EUFI Boot and TPM 2.0 – means we’ll possibly be using Windows 10 after the 2025 cut-off. So Winaero will be irrelevant in that case.

  63. Nick DeBord

    I use RSS feeds all the time. Can’t speak as to what you may use as a substitute for FeedBurner, but in Windows and Android I use Vivaldi and they support RSS. Don’t need the email component so that may ease your problems if you continue with RSS. I also use Telegram, but do not see that as an adequate substitute. Tks for listening.

  64. Franco

    If RSS is not widely used, that doesn’t mean it’s “dead”. It has clearly the advantage that you can arrange all your feed sources in one single place according to your wishes and requirements, in the way and manner that best fits your needs.
    It is the most comfortable way to receive in my case the news of over 30 RSS feed sources of many different areas and languages all at once, instead of accessing each site individually and arduously searching for any new posts.
    I use QuiteRSS, with extensive filtering options and build-in adblockers to make reading more straight. Of course, in your case, adblock is set only to the minimum, as you also need to finance your excellent posts in some way.

  65. franstam

    Yes i use RSS all the time also to keep up to date with news.
    my yahoo! used to support rss but it somehow died and im using interlink and quiterss for rss.

    please dont remove rss feed.

  66. Anton

    I use the Firefox extension “RSS Sidebar” to display the winaero news headlines in a sidebar. Really simple and very useful for discovering new articles. and

  67. Toli

    RSS and email both have important niches.
    Off-topic…I enjoy your productivity tweaks (e.g., Recent Folders, Recent Items, Pinner, etc.).
    I wish I had…
    a) Ways to increase empathy of my team members for ours customers (wait…read on, you might be able to do this)
    b) so that they would see them as people (here it comes…)
    c) A way to automatically display an image of a customer when a domain user opens that customer’s Explorer folder.
    i) It could be the background of the customer’s Explorer folder
    ii) It could be a pop up (not too large, not too small, pops up at the far right of the screen, halfway between top and bottom, easy to move and modify the size or close
    You could improve people’s work environment, job satisfaction, communication… imagine…

  68. James

    No opinion regarding email updates, but I use RSS functionality combined with the Livemarks addon for Firefox to get updates for the site in the form of a folder on my bookmarks toolbar, so it’d be a bit of a letdown if RSS died.

  69. Beth Gordon

    I still use RSS in Thunderbird as it’s very convenient to have everything on one place, since the demise of FeedDemon years ago. I do have Twitter but rarely use it. Telegram it probably good but it’s just another app to add to the growing list of apps needed every year to keep up with everything.

  70. David Ouimet

    I am totally blind and use a screenreader to access WinAero’s rss feed. I hope it continues, but if not I understand totally.

  71. Geoff Jones

    Please could you incorporate “Microsoft Tinker for Windows Vista (non-Ultimate) and Windows 7” into your “Windows 7 Games for Windows 10 and 8” package? I have full install files and instructions that I could send you (fully virus-checked) if necessary. It used to tie in with the Game Launcher originally – obviously that’s history, but being able to have another tick box during setup of your W7GforW10 package that would enable Tinker to be installed would be brilliant, please.

  72. Robert de Forest

    I have been using RSS to consume syndicated content for almost 20 years. I don’t use Twitter or Instagram because they don’t have RSS feeds and every time someone tries to create one they change their interfaces to break those feeds. I don’t use Facebook at all and still wouldn’t even if they supported RSS.

    If you cease publishing an RSS feed I will not follow your blog any more. Then we would both be sad. :)

  73. Mike Irvin

    I use RSS to hook up the feed into This allows me to see the most recent articles from the home page along with other sources of information. I guess my preference would be email if RSS wasn’t available. I agree with some of the other comments that relying on algorithms to choice what to show or display and in what order isn’t great if the user wants to make sure they want to see all of the information. RSS and email and accomplish that.

  74. Walter Hawn

    Was not aware that you had an RSS feed until just now, but have now added it to my protopage account, using the url ” “. Also am subscribing to the email feed. Will see which works better for me. ( For those who don’t know, Protopage is a terrific modifiable aggregation thing. It allows RSS (and other ) feeds to show as simple headlines in a discrete box for each source. I use it as a home page.
    ” ” )

    In addition, thought you might like to know that the blog on Firefox 81.0.1 (I won’t update to the proton POS which destroys desktop usability) shows large amounts of whitespace within the editorial area, even with APB and FF tracking disabled. The whitespace does not show in Google Chrome — which I prefer not to use. Don’t know about edge, for it is so annoying that I will not use that one at all. One other thing: FF w/ABP enabled blocks your editorial graphics but they come through just fine on GChrome w/APB

  75. Brian Williams

    I just noticed this because inoreader was complaining about your feed. Last update there was 25 October.
    Anyway, I clicked on the feed URL and saw this.

    Please please keep providing RSS links. It is a wonderful way to see all the topics at a glance. I don’t have time for social networking. Email would be ok if the same subject headers came up because I could use a filter to put them in their own folder, but that way my email quota would diminish.

    Most of the sites I subscribe provided their RSS feed by a different method than feedburner, e.g. wordpress

    Is that a possibility? (suggesting from complete ignorance)

  76. John Ali

    I don’t know whether you are aware but your RSS feed has stopped working since 25th October 2021. I use Thunderbird to download your daily feeds and I have received nothing after 25th October. I have checked and rechecked my config and found no errors from my side so clearly you have changed something on your side.

    Microsoft feeds are coming alright in the same thunderbird.

    Good luck with this.

  77. Gene

    I think that you should have used Word Press to build your web site. I don’t know about email, but I do know that if you had used Word Press, you would not now be having these problems with Google’s Feed Burner.

    I was going to support this site with donations because I really like your tweaking app, but if email and RSS subscriptions are going away, I will have to look at an alternate to Winaero and there are several good ones.

  78. Gene

    I was going to support this site with donations because I really like your tweaking app, but if email and RSS subscriptions are going away, I will have to look at an alternate to Winaero and there are several good ones.

      1. Brian Williams

        How’s it going, Sergey? I haven’t had an RSS update since October last year. I don’t have the time for the bulky Telegram format!

  79. Toshik

    Ради интереса посмотрел фиды с других сайтов которые работают через feedburner.
    Они обновляются и по сей день.
    25 октября прекратил обновляться только фид с

    Как-то странно это…

    1. Brian Williams

      For the sake of interest, I looked at feeds from other sites that work through feedburner. They are updated to this day. On October 25, only the feed from stopped updating

      Whats’a going on?



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