5 thoughts on “How to Revert the New Design of Twitter”

  1. Rounded avatars make no sense. I personally use “Stylish” extension on my Opera to alter the display of web pages, this time I just added the following css rule:
    * {
    border-radius: 0% !important;
    Didn’t notice any issues yet, though e.g.
    .edge-design * {
    border-radius: 0% !important;
    should probably work too.

  2. Frankly I did not even notice the difference until I read about it in another article. The new design works just fine.

  3. Wireframe buttons are frustrating. They don’t render good, they look fuzzy. New darker blue background is an unfortunate choice. Bad taste… They many borders, which also an unfortunate choice. It’s just shitty Windows 10 look at best. Thanks for this, I really appreciate.

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