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PowerToys 0.47 Stable released

Microsoft today released PowerToys 0.47. This new version is supercharged by WinUI 2.7, and comes with a huge number of fixes. Also, the company highlights the ability to open Shortcut Guide via holding the Win key.

The PowerToys project is open-source, which means everyone can contribute to its growth and development. It consists of of nifty utilities that can help you effectively manage open apps, resize images, add extra features to File Explorer. There is a smart app launcher with file search, and many more.

The official change log for version 0.47 comes with the following highlights.

What's new in PowerToys 0.47

  • Upgraded WinUI to 2.7.0.
  • Reduced installer size by compressing GIFs.
  • Replaced ShortcutTextContorl with MarkdownTextblock.
  • Added functionality to invoke SHCangeNotify SHCNE_ASSOCCHANGED when thumbnail providers are turned on/off.
  • Consolidated nuget packages.
  • Additional logging and error handling added to PowerToys Run.
  • Moved away from the legacy windevbuildagents pool.
  • Added support for embedded MSIX apps in PowerToys.
  • Replaced ListView with ComboBox for Image Resizer.
  • Build error fixes.

Other notable changes

  • Added user defined shortcuts when set to the "Welcome to PowerToys" instead of the default shortcuts.
  • Added CIELAB and CIEXYZ color formats support in Color Picker
  • Added a flyout describe the prerequisites for the "Allow zones to span across monitors" option.
  • Added PDF Thumbnail Provider for Windows Explorer.
  • Added default values for newly added sizes in Image Resizer.
  • Added path filters for Settings plugin via > key in PowerToys Run.
  • Fixed an issue with the first hotkey input in the settings being focused when the page loads. Prevents unintentionally shortcut reassignment in Video Conference Mute.

Download PowerToys

You can download PowerToys for free from GitHub. There, you'll find both stable and pre-release versions of the app suite.

Alternatively, you can download PowerToys from the Microsoft Store. However, it currently works only on Windows 11. If you use Windows 10, the GitHub repository remains the only official source to get the set of utilities. We believe Microsoft will clarify the situation once the official announcement is out, which should not be too far from now.

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2 thoughts on “PowerToys 0.47 Stable released

  1. Eli

    hello winaero
    I have been realizing for some time that browsers with built-in translator (microsoft edge and google chrome) cannot translate winaero.com pages

    Many readers like me don’t speak the English language and follow the news on your site using translators

    Could you check why browsers refuse to translate to winaero.com?

  2. Robert de Forest

    > Replaced ShortcutTextContorl with MarkdownTextblock.

    That should probably be ShortcutTextControl (not contorl).


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