Microsoft announces multibillion dollar investment in OpenAI to accelerate AI breakthroughs

Microsoft has announced an expansion of its partnership with OpenAI. Company's machine learning-based solutions will be exclusive available via Azure. Microsoft will increase its investment in super computing, so OpenAI will be able to improve its ML models. The Redmond firm is also going to integrate OpenAI closer with its consumer and corporate products. Continue reading

These are unreleased Start menu designs with 3D tiles

There are plenty of ideas Microsoft prepared and even implemented for Windows 10. Some of them you could already seen and tried. The most famous example is the Sets function, which was supposed to add a tabbed interface to all applications, but it never made it to release. But there are also many of features have never been revealed to the public. Between 2015 and 2020, the company's engineers came up with probably hundreds of different features, but they were never fully implemented. Continue reading

Windows 11 is getting an updated Product key dialog

Microsoft continues to refresh the appearance of aged dialogs in Windows 11. Some of them have not changed since Windows 8, some retain their look from Windows 10. The company's goal is to make the newest OS look consistent by following its Fluent Design guidelines. In Windows 11 Build 25281 you will find an updated "Enter a product key" dialog, thought you have to apply extra efforts to see it.

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Windows 11 Insiders in Beta channel receive Builds 22623.1180 and 22621.1180

In addition to Windows 11 Build 25281 in the Dev channel, Microsoft today updated the Beta channel with two new builds, 22623.1180 and 22621.1180. Traditionally, the first one is designed for testing new features, and the latter comes with them disabled. The new features in today's release are improved storage alerts for OneDrive in Settings, Widgets that can finally work without a Microsoft account, and a newer Get Help app with a connection issue troubleshooter. Continue reading