Opera 67 Includes a New Tab Switcher

Opera 67, which is currently under development, receives a new feature. A new tab switcher user interface has been added, with a horizontal row of tab thumbnail previews, which resembles the classic tab switcher look of Opera 12.

The switcher appears when you press Ctrl + Tab on the keyboard. Here is how it looks in the current stable Opera 65:

Opera Old Tab Switcher

And here's the new one:

Opera New Tab Switcher

Both implementations have their pros and cons. The current one has a big thumbnail preview on the left, but lacks thumbnails in the list of tabs. The new one makes it easier to spot the tab you are looking for, since they all have thumbnails, but the previews are tiny.

This developer release also includes Chromium 80.0.3970.5.

So, Opera 67 promises to be an interesting release. The new tab switcher, along with the Workspaces feature, may be a welcome change for many Opera users.

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