Opera 67 Introduces Workspaces Feature

The team behind the Opera browser has released the first Opera 67 build, which is now available in the Developer channel. Along with fixes and improvements, Opera 67 comes with a new Workspaces feature that allows separating web sites into different groups.

The official announcement describes it as follows

As you probably know from personal experience, many of us open numerous tabs throughout a day of browsing, and end up getting lost between those related to work and those for side projects such as shopping, home renovation or which movie to watch.

We are fixing this issue with our new Workspaces feature. Accessible through the sidebar, it allows you to simply create two separate areas, letting you open tabs related to a particular concept or project in one group, called a workspace.

So, with Workspaces you separate your tabs related to work, social network browsing, and gaming, etc. The idea behind this feature is not new. The same can be achieved with individual browsing profiles, virtual desktops in Windows and Linux. Workspaces just makes it more convenient. Also, you may remember Firefox Containers which were the first implementation of this idea.

In the future, the Opera browser will allow you to create multiple workspaces and to choose icons for them.

For more details, see the full changelog.

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