Opera 50: Chromecast Support

Today, the team behind the Opera browser released a new developer version of their product. Opera 50.0.2753.0 is now available for download and comes with Chromecast support.


Besides the ability to cast the content to Chromecast, Opera Developer 50.0.2753.0 adds cryptocurrencies conversions and continues bookmarks bar refactoring, which started in the previous developer release.

A new option which enables Chromecast can be found under Settings (Preferences on macOS) -> Browser -> User interface. See the following screenshot:

Opera 50 Enable Chromecast

This will add a new "Cast..." icon to video players on web pages like YouTube. A new menu command "Cast..." will appear in the page context menu and in O-Menu. Opera 50 supports casting for videos, tabs and the full desktop.

Opera 50 Chromecast Icon

Cryptocurrencies support in the built-in unit converter

The built-in unit converter now supports the following cryptocurrencies.

  1. Bitcoin (BTC), 1.00 BTC
  2. Ethereum (ETH), 1.00 ETH
  3. Bitcoin Cash (BTH), 1.00 BCH
  4. Litecoin (LTC), 1.00 LTC

New opera:flags options

  • opera:flags#save-previous-document-resources-until
    Saves an old document's cached resources until the specified point in the next document's lifecycle.
  • opera:flags#omnibox-ui-swap-title-and-url
    In the omnibox dropdown, shows titles before URLs when both are available.
  • opera:flags#enable-password-selection
    Show a password selector and an eye icon in prompt.
  • opera:flags#enable-html-base-username-detector
    Use HTML-based username detector for the password manager.
  • opera:flags#enable-new-preconnect
    Enable the new implementation of preconnect and DNS preresolve. "Learning" means that only database construction is enabled, "Preconnect" enables both learning and preconnect and disables the existing implementation. "No preconnect" disables both implementations.

Other changes

Upon a crash loop detection, Opera will not remove your current browsing session. Instead, all pages will be marked for manual reload upon re-activation, except for the current tab which will detail the encountered problem. This will fix the annoying problem of losing all opened tabs due to an unrelated problem such as with syncing, for instance.

In this release, the Chromium engine is updated to version 63.0.3230.0.

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Source: Opera

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