Open Multiple Apps At Once from Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 comes with a completely reworked Start menu, which combines Live Tiles introduced in Windows 8 with classic app shortcuts. With the modern Start Menu you can arrange your pinned tiles into groups and name them according to your preferences.


Windows 10 Start Menu has Live Tile support for Universal (Store) apps installed on your PC. When you pin such an app to the Start menu, its Live Tile will show dynamic content like news, weather forecast, images and so on. For example, you can add a useful data usage Live Tile.

Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 allows pinning a variety of items to the Start menu. These include

Once you pinned desired items to the Start menu, you can organize pinned tiles into groups. For reference, see the following article:

Group Tiles in Start Menu in Windows 10

A lesser known feature of Windows 10 is the ability to keep the Start menu open after opening apps from it. Let's see how to use it. It allows opening multiple apps at once without re-opening the Start menu. Let's see how to use it.

Windows 10 Start Menu Open Apps In The Background

To Open Multiple Apps At Once from Windows 10 Start Menu,

  1. Press the Win key on the keyboard to open the Start menu, or click on the Start button in the taskbar.
  2. Now, press and hold the Win key.
  3. Click on the icon or tile of the app you want to launch. Do not release the Win key. The app will open in the background.
  4. Click on other app icon to open the app in the background. The Start Menu will remain open.
  5. When opened all the required apps, release the Win key to close the Start menu.

See the following animation.

That's it.

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4 thoughts on “Open Multiple Apps At Once from Windows 10 Start Menu

  1. Sargon

    This is actually quite useful. Thanks!

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      You are most welcome.

  2. Bob

    This used to be Shift key in Windows 95-XP and Classic Shell. For some reason, morons have changed it to the Win key and pretend they have added a new feature.

  3. Aretin

    Does not work. I am on v1909.18263


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