OneDrive for Android is getting a new look

Microsoft has once again updated its Android version of the OneDrive client. A new version has been released for select users on Android, which introduces a radically different user interface for the app.

Onedrive Android App

The updated app comes without the traditional hamburger menu. Instead, it comes with a tab bar on the bottom, which looks similar to the user interface of OneDrive for iOS. There some minor changes in all other parts of the user interface, so they look slightly different from the old OneDrive design.

A new "Me" section in the UI allows you to quickly access all of the files that are available offline, your OneDrive recycle bin, notifications, settings, and more. The user interface for switching between different accounts has also been refined. Now, you need to just click on the user picture in the header bar to switch to another account.

These changes look interesting and useful for those who have multiple accounts. As of this article's writing, the updated app is available only to a small group of users, so it might be inaccessible for your device.

Source: MSPowerUser


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    Is it possible that your device is a Samsung Galaxy S8? From the looks of the screenshots, I know that since I have one and I’m using it right now


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