Office 365 apps are now available in the Windows Store for Windows 10 S

Microsoft has started shipping all of its Surface Laptop pre-orders a few days ago and made it available for purchase in select countries. That also means Windows 10 S, the edition that runs only apps from the Windows Store, is now available publicly for the first time ever. Of course, Microsoft had to offer a way to use its own desktop apps and services on that edition too so the company has finally published Office 365 applications into its own Windows Store.

Office Store Apps

Unfortunately, there are a few catches with this version of Office. Right now, it's available for install only for Windows 10 S. Users of the Home or Pro editions should still use the classic setup version offered from the Office 365 website. Once the Preview period is over, it will become available for more users on all Windows 10 editions.


Another difference is that the Store version of Office apps comes only in a 32-bit variant. Why the company has decided to limit Office preview to only one architecture is still unclear, but don't worry — you'll still be able to install it on your x64 OS version.

Office 365 apps from the Windows Store do not support any COM add-ins and extensions. This might be a change to enhance the security of the Office apps suite or a limitation caused by conversion of the apps to run on Universal Windows Platform.

Lastly, Office 365 Education plan users won't be able to get Outlook, Access or Publisher apps until the preview period is over. Right now, Microsoft is suggesting them to use any UWP alternatives for some of the products, including their own UWP version of OneNote. From the Store, you do not get the Desktop version of OneNote so right now Office 365 from the Windows Store only includes classic Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps.

Microsoft has also published a knowledge base article about this version of the Office suite so if you want to know more about it, head over to

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Author: Roman Linev

Long time news writer, Microsoft ecosystem fan, Android user. Loves Japanese culture, photography and his cats. You can also follow Roman on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Office 365 apps are now available in the Windows Store for Windows 10 S”

  1. So only Windows 10S can get this Office at this moment and they offer only the 32 bits version when there’s obviously only 64 bits Windows 10S systems and you can’t load extensions which removes any reasons to want the 32 bits version…

    1. I believe that an average user doesn’t care about add-ons and other advanced features, yet I’m in accord with you when talking about limited desktop apps being less desirable than their regular siblings which we’ve been using for years.

  2. ProPlus в скором времени (полноценный) тоже так начнут публиковать. Во внутреннем сторе у нас уже есть, взлетает на обычных виндах, не S.

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