New details about Windows 9 have leaked

Indicative Roadmap for Windows 9, the next update after Blue.

Windows 9 Beta (7 January 2014)
Windows 9 Release Candidate (July 2014)
Build 2014: Windows 9 RTM (October 2014)
November 2014: Windows Release 9

Testers have got build 9319.0.130208-1820 from Winmain / FBL_EEAP branch


3 thoughts on “New details about Windows 9 have leaked

  1. Laurence

    Perhaps by Windows 9 Microsoft will have worked out this dual operating environment they’ve got going. They first had DOS and then they eventually added a functional GUI on top of it (hello Windows); and as they vigorously pursued the Windows development, DOS received less attention. More and more the underlying DOS was obscured as Windows grew in visibility and popularity.

    And now in Windows 8 along comes the so-called new Metro or Modern Start Screen, which has already begun to obscure the traditional desktop environment and way of doing things. And I can only imagine this trend will continue. . . next up (after the Blue update) Windows 9. Come what may.



    wow windows 9 is coming !! hope it will be good enough than windows 8

  3. Jorge

    There is a report from a Russian website that the Desktop will be completely eliminated in Windows Blue (

    Is there any more (or newer) information about this?


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