Microsoft to limit shared items volume for free OneDrive users

It has come to our knowledge that Microsoft is applying more restrictions to free OneDrive user accounts. Earlier, Microsoft had shrunk their disk space from the promised 15 GB to 5 GB for users who didn't have a paid subscription. This time, the company is reducing the available outgoing traffic for files shared by a free OneDrive user.

While it is not clear how much traffic exactly this new limit allows, users who had shared a huge amount of files over OneDrive started to receive notifications like this:OneDrive prevents sharing

The message above suggests the user to share files with less people, or remove the huge files from shared access. It also does not allow you to share more files than what is already shared after you receive this message.

This is definitely not a welcome change for OneDrive users. Microsoft's cloud service provided an advantage by having no traffic restrictions like other services have (DropBox, for example). It looks like Microsoft is trying to get more users to pay for OneDrive subscriptions by making the free service less attractive. This can cause users to migrate from the OneDrive service to any of the other dozens of free cloud storage services. Considering how frequently Microsoft kills and changes their services and apps and does not maintain long-term continuity or stability, this is likely to disappoint users.

What is your favorite cloud storage? Will you look for OneDrive alternatives?


7 thoughts on “Microsoft to limit shared items volume for free OneDrive users

  1. anonymous

    I will use MEGA!

  2. Rick Grunwald

    Mega is good – I use Dropbox. Mediafire used to be a good choice and a great value but they have dropped the Desktop syncing utility so there will be not collaboration and all uploads will be through a web page

  3. Rick Grunwald

    Since this article was about One Drive let me ask: It here; is there anyway to prevent Micro$oft updates from consistently resetting it back to storing all my documents on one drive? That would be a nice tweak

    Prophecy! (And I have said this before) The gloves are coming off in the Micro$oft ivory tower
    Soon you will only be able to log into your computer with a microsoft account and you will pay a subscription fee to use Windows 10. Don’t pay and no more computer. Displease them with some of the files on your hard drive and you will also be shut off
    Just wait for it. None of us really believed that Windows 10 would be “free”

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      None of us really believed that Windows 10 would be “free”

      Very true comment.

  4. Spectre

    MS is trying really hard to kill Onedrive.

  5. Phil

    Shame on Microsoft

  6. Alicia

    Microsoft is a hell


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