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Microsoft To Do now allows sharing lists from personal to work accounts

Collaborative work is an essential part of any productivity-based app, especially task managers. So Microsoft To Do allows sharing yours lists with other people. Still, this feature was initially limited with sharing between personal accounts, or work or school accounts related to a specifc organization. After receiving countless user feedback about this feature, Microsoft finally allows users to collaborate regardless of the account type and location.

From now on, these are the sharing scenarios you can use in Microsoft To Do:

  1. Sharing between any regular personal account.
  2. Sharing between work or school accounts within the same place (same organization or same school).
  3. Sharing between personal and work accounts.

Do note that work accounts may access personal accounts lists if administrators allow this feature. Also, individual accounts do not currently have access to lists created by work or school accounts.

Microsoft says collaborative work is now more convenient, with work accounts having access to lists from personal accounts. For example, a spouse can share a grocery list with a work account, or a job partner can share a task from their personal accounts on Microsoft To Do.

You can read more about updates to sharing lists in Microsoft To Do on the official Tech Community forum. Also, there is a dedicated FAQ page on how sharing lists work in Microsoft To Do on different platforms.

Microsoft To Do is a free multiplatform task manager for macOS, iOS, Windows 10, Web, and Android. With Microsoft To Do, you can create unlimited lists with tasks and subtasks, share these lists with others, use flagged emails as reminders, etc. Recently, Outlook for Android and iOS received To Do integration. You can now create a reminder directly from the new email screen. In addition to that, Microsoft To Do supports widgets on the iOS 14 home screen.

Microsoft has introduced To Do in 2017 after acquiring the popular app Wunderlist. The first few years were quite difficult for To Do with the long and tedious process of the infrastructure migration, but now developers steadily add new features and improve existing ones. Still, many users are not happy with the results of the Wunderlist acquisition. The founder of the latter even tried to buy out the app, but Microsoft never conceded.

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1 thought on “Microsoft To Do now allows sharing lists from personal to work accounts

  1. Shyam Reddy

    I have stopped using ToDo windows app since it doesnot have many snooze options. I wish I could snooze it to beyond couple of weeks, month or more (customisable).

    Instead I use todo on outlook web. Atleast one less app


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