Microsoft stopped supporting several Surface computers released from 2015 to 2017

All new Surface computers get four years of active support. During those four years, Microsoft releases new drivers and firmware updates with various improvements, fixes, and security patches. This month, Microsoft stopped supporting a bunch of Surface computers released from 2015 to 2017. Some of those Surface computers ended their lifecycles with more than six years of support.

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Here are all Surface PCs Microsoft no longer supports (none of the following computers supports Windows 11 officially):


  • Surface Pro 3. Released on June 20, 2014. The first successful Surface Pro computer and the first tablet from Microsoft with a 3:2 screen ratio. This truly legendary device received a whopping seven and a half years of active support that ended on November 13, 2021.

  • Surface 3. Released on May 5, 2015. The first affordable Surface tablet with a slightly smaller screen, micro USB port, and less powerful hardware (superseded with Surface Go models). Support ended on November 13, 2021.

  • Surface Book. Released on October 26, 2015, Surface Book was one of the weirdest Surface laptops with hardware split between a removable screen and a base. After three generations, Microsoft replaced Surface Book with an even quirkier Surface Laptop Studio. Support for the original Surface Book ended on November 13, 2021.

  • Surface Book with Performance Base. Released on November 10, 2016. The same as the original Surface Book, but with a better discrete GPU in the base (Nvidia GTX 965M with 2GB of VRAM). Support ended on November 13, 2021.

  • Surface Studio. Released on December 15, 2016, Surface Studio is one of the most breathtaking Surface devices. It is an AIO with a 27-inch touchscreen and sophisticated hinge that allows you to convert Surface Studio into a drawing tablet. Support ended on November 13, 2021.

  • Surface Laptop 1. Released on December 15, 2016. Surface Laptop, as the name implies, was the first no-frills clamshell laptop from Microsoft without weird hinges or detachable screens. It turned out to be of the most beloved and popular Surface devices. Support ended on November 13, 2021.

  • Surface Pro (5th gen). Released on June 15, 2017. Surface Pro (5th gen) was a minor hardware refresh for an aging Surface Pro 4. It was also the only Surface Pro in the lineup without a number in the name. Microsoft thought the device offers not enough visible changes for a proper generation upgrade. Also, Surface Pro (5th gen) was the first Surface Pro with an optional LTE modem (still supported). Support ended on November 13, 2021.

  • Surface Book 2. Released on November 17, 2017. Surface Book 2 introduced a new 15-inch variant and improved hardware with better, more up-to-date specs. Support ended on November 17, 2021.

The next devices on the way out are the original Surface Go, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Pro 6, and Surface Go with LTE. Microsoft plans to stop supporting those computers in October and November 2022.

Keep in mind that Microsoft will continue shipping Windows updates to unsupported Surface devices. That is because Windows has a separate lifecycle that does not depend on Surface firmware updates.

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