Microsoft rolls out new Microsoft Store app icon to the public

The built-in Microsoft Store app in Windows 10 receives a brand new icon. We have already seen it before, but it was not available in public builds of the OS. This has changed.


Windows 10 comes with a number of Store apps preinstalled. The user can manually install more Universal Windows Platform apps developed by Microsoft and third-parties from the Store when needed. It is also possible to purchase apps and other multimedia contents using the Store app.

Windows 10 Store Tabbed UI 1

The Microsoft Store app allows you to update apps automatically. This is enabled by default. It caches some details about installed and available apps to speed up the process of browsing them and improving the responsiveness of the Store app. If you are using a Microsoft account, your apps will be available across all your devices thanks to the 'My Library' feature of the Store.

The new icon for the Microsoft Store app follows Microsoft's fluent design system. Here's how it looks:

Microsoft Store Icon Colorful Fluent In Start Menu

This updated icon is another step in direction Microsoft took with their intention to create a set of new icons for all platforms.  Microsoft is known for making new colorful icons for Windows 10. The new icons were expected to be used in a special edition of the OS for dual-screen devices, Windows 10X. However, Microsoft has made icons available across the entire Windows 10 family.

All the known icons are below.


Microsoft Store Icon Colorful Fluent 256 Microsoft Store Icon Colorful Fluent 256 White


Skype Icon Logo Big 256 2020 Small



Windows 10 Tips App Ico

Paint 3D

Colorful Fluent Paint 3D Icon Big

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes Colorful Icons

Photos app (November 22, 2019)

The app has received a new colorful icon, will be available for both Core and Desktop editions of Windows 10.

Photos New Icon

For comparison, the older version looks as follows:

Photos App Icon 256 Colorful

Office Sway

Sway Icon Big Fluent 256

Note: Office Sway is a presentation program and is part of the Microsoft Office family of products. Sway was offered for general release by Microsoft in August 2015. It allows users who have a Microsoft account to combine text and media to create a presentable website.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream Fluent Colorful Icon


Windows 10 Calculator Fluent Icon Big 256


    • Version 1People Colorful Fluent Icon
  • Version 2Windows 10 People App Icon Colorful Big 256 V2


Alarms Colorful Fluent Icon

Windows Maps

Maps Coloful Fluent Icon

Mobile Plans

Mobile Plan OneConnect Cellular Signal Icon

Feedback Hub

Feedback Hub Fluent Coloful Icon Big 256


Microsoft Whiteboard Colorful Fluent Icon Big 256

File Explorer

File Explorer Fluent Icon

Groove Music

Groove Music Fluent Design Icon

Solitaire Collection

Solitaire Fluent Icon

Movies & TV

Movies And TV Icon

MSN Weather

MSN Weather Icon



Colorful Mail Fuent Big Icon 2020

Mail Icon


Calendar Icon


Actual icon version.

Windows 10 Camera Icon Fluent Colorful 2020

Initial version.

Camera Icon

Snip & Sketch

Snip Sketch Icon


Microsoft Planner has received a new icon, following the designs of icons for PowerPoint, OneNote, Calendar for Android, Teams, and Yammer.

Microsoft Planner Icon

MS Office icons

Also, see Microsoft Office Icons Are Getting a New Look.

Office Icons

Mail and Calendar apps for Android

Mail And Calendar

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