Microsoft quietly fixed game performance issues in the latest Windows 10 updates

Some users have been complaining since the last month about the gaming performance issues in the latest Windows 10 cumulative updates. Although such reports appear literally every month, this time, the thing turned out to be legit. In fact, even NVIDIA recommended that its users uninstall the latest update to fix performance dips. Microsoft also stepped in and came up with a solution. The company applied the Known Issues Rollback feature that fixes problems in Windows Updates before they reach millions of computers worldwide. Microsoft has detailed the patch on the official Windows Health Dashboard.

Microsoft has placed the following message on the Dashboard website.


A small subset of users have reported lower than expected performance in games after installing KB5000842 or later updates. Most users affected by this issue are running games full screen or borderless windowed modes and using two or more monitors.

The fix is now rolling out to users with Windows 10, version 2004, and version 20H2. Be aware that it may take up to 24 hours or even more before your system receives the required patch. You do not need to do anything. If your computer has been affected by this bug, Windows 10 will do all the troubleshooting job for you.

In case you are not familiar with Known Issue Rollback, here how this feature works.

Know Issue Rollback is a special technique that allows uninstalling problematic updates remotely and without any additional patches. When your computer installs a new non-security update, the system switches to a new code but keeps the original one. In case something goes wrong, Microsoft pushes a signal to the affected systems. These computers initiate the rollback and switch to the original version. Next time the user restarts a PC, Windows is already running the stable code without a buggy update. All this software magic happens seamlessly without any prompts to uninstall an update, install a new one, restart a PC, etc. You can learn more about it here: how Windows 10 is dealing with broken updates.

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Author: Taras Buria

Taras is here to cover stories about Microsoft and everything around, although sometimes he prefers Apple. You can stay in touch with him on Twitter.

One thought on “Microsoft quietly fixed game performance issues in the latest Windows 10 updates”

  1. I feel that I dodge a ton of issues people complain with in Windows because I have a pretty traditional setup 1080p single-monitor setup. No need to worry about high-DPI scaling or how games/software deal with dual monitors, and in this case no issues with gaming performance since it seems to be connected to multiple monitors.

    Sometimes having a boring but practical setup is worth more than being hip. :)

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