Microsoft has launched a better support web site for Windows and Office

Microsoft has introduced a new website that unifies support articles and troubleshooting guides for Microsoft 365 and Windows. The new resource resolves some of the long standing issues with Windows Update history pages, cumulative updates, and Office updates.

The new website now includes KB numbers in the URL, so search engines will be able to index them faster. Users will be able to find the appropriate support page by simply entering the KB ID in the search box on Google or Bing, and go directly to that page.

01 New Support Article URL Structure

Microsoft has consolidated and into a unified support site to make it easier for you to find support and troubleshooting resources for Microsoft 365. As part of this effort, you will see a number of changes and improvements to Windows release notes, the Windows update history pages, and related informational articles. Behind the scenes, we'll also be making foundational changes—to formatting, the user interface, and the type of metadata available.

Besides the URL structure improvements, there are a number of under-the-hood improvements to improve the user interaction with the new resource.

Last but not least, there are buttons for sharing a KB post via social networks. Some users could always be looking for them.

02 Release Notes Share Controls

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