Microsoft Edge now allows sorting Collections by date and name

With Edge Canary 86.0.614.0, Microsoft has updated the Collections feature. Now it is possible to sort your collections by the date created and by name.

Microsoft Edge Name Collection

Key Features of Collections in Microsoft Edge

Access your collections across your devices:  When you are signed into Microsoft Edge with the same profile on different devices, Collections will sync between them.


Open all links in a collection into a new window: Collections provide an easy way to open all sites you have saved in a collection. There is an “Open all” entry available in “Sharing and more” menu.

Edit card titles: To edit a title, right click and choose “Edit” from the context menu.

Dark theme in Collections: Collections follow the app theme of the OS.

Sharing a collection: The special “Copy all” option is available in the “Sharing and more” menu. You can also select individual items and copyi them via the “Copy” option.

Sort Collections in Microsoft Edge

Earlier, Microsoft has received the ability to export Collections to OneNote. Starting in Microsogt Edge Canary 86.0.614.0, it is possible to set the sort order for the collection entries.

Edge Sort Collections

The browser provides two new options in the Collection menu behind the three dot button. Using them, you can sort the current Collection by Date created, or by Name, both ascending and  descending.


Actual Edge Versions

Download Microsoft Edge

You can download pre-release Edge version for Insiders from here:

Download Microsoft Edge Insider Preview

The stable version of the browser is available on the following page:

Download Microsoft Edge Stable

Note: Microsoft has started delivering Microsoft Edge to users of Windows via Windows Update. The update is provisioned for users of Windows 10 version 1803 and above, and replaces the classic Edge app once installed. The browser, when delivered with KB4559309, makes it impossible to uninstall it from Settings. Check out the following workaround: Uninstall Microsoft Edge If Uninstall Button is Grayed Out.

Thanks to Leo for the tip.


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