Microsoft Edge is getting customizable Super-Duper Secure Mode

Microsoft Edge has a built-in tracking protection system that helps you retain a bit of your privacy. It is a customizable feature with three different levels with their benefits and downsides. Soon, Microsoft will offer you another security-related feature you can customize: Super-Duper Secure Mode (SSDM). The latest updates to Microsoft Edge Canary brought the ability to select between balanced and strict modes for SSDM.


For those not familiar with Super-Duper Secure Mode (the name is a work in progress), it is a set of mitigations and tweaks to provide users with safer browsing. When enabled, Super-Duper Secure Mode disables the JIT compiler in the V8 JavaScript engine, which is a source of numerous security vulnerabilities developers often need to patch and fix. SDSM also applies other safety measures to increase your safety out there in the Internet seas.

Edge Customizable Super Duper Secure Mode

As of now, customizable Super-Duper Secure Mode is available as a part of A/B testing among Edge Canary users. When enabled, SDSM offers two settings: Balanced and Strict. Balanced SDSM applies security mitigations for websites you do not visit frequently. That blocks security threats and ensures the websites you need work as expected.

Microsoft recommends using the balanced mode for the best compatibility. Strict SDSM adds security measures to all websites without exceptions. As a result, users might experience some website breaking.

Super-Duper Secure Mode is not ready for the public yet, so Microsoft provides Edge insiders with a thumbs up/down button to send feedback about the feature. Of course, users are free to disable SDSM and avoid picking one of the available modes.

Because Super-Duper Secure Mode disables the JIT compiler that speeds up webpages, Microsoft warns that SDSM might cause the browser to work slower. Still, the company's findings revealed that most users do not notice performance dips when using Edge with SDSM and without it.

You can read more about Super-Duper Secure Mode in Microsoft Edge in a dedicated article. Note that SDSM is not exclusive to Windows, and it is coming to macOS as well.

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