Microsoft Edge is Updated with Fluent Design

Yesterday, Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 16257 to the Fast ring. In this build, the Microsoft Edge browser is updated with Fluent Design.

Here is how the Edge app looks:

Edge Fluent Design

Notice the transparency and blur on the tab preview row.

Another change is the animation effect when the dark theme is enabled.Edge Fluent Design


Fluent Design is Windows 10's upcoming UI, previously known by its code name "Project NEON". It is a new design language which is focused on simplicity and consistency along with cool animations. It also adds Windows 7’s Aero Glass-like effects to the Universal app frame and controls.

Key aspects of the Microsoft Fluent Design System are as follows.

Material: A graphical solution which emulates the "sensory and invigorating" feel of the materials that things around us are made of.

Motion: A set of animations which give an idea on how to interact with new UI elements like an app menu opening or drawing the user's attention to controls and flyouts which appear on the screen.

Light: Soft highlights of important buttons and features to draw the user's attention.

Depth: Transition animations which make an impression of opening the next level or layer of data presented by the app.

As of this writing, the Fluent Design is applied to a number of built-in apps like Settings, Groove Music and also to the hidden Modern File Explorer app.

More bits of Fluent Design are expected in upcoming releases of Windows 10.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Edge is Updated with Fluent Design

  1. Sargon

    I wish they’d just apply this to all Win32 title bars already instead of doing it individually for UWP apps.

    1. MDJ

      Yeah, bigmuscle isn’t too keen on development of his app anymore.


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