Microsoft Edge 121 released, adds AVIF and AV1 support, Typo protection

Microsoft today released Edge 121 stable. The update is notable for adding support for AVIF and AV1 media formats. Organizational branding for customers, updated experience into Browser Essentials, and Typo protection policies for URLs are among other changes.

Microsoft Edge 121 released

What's new in Microsoft Edge 121

Organizational branding in Edge for Business

Enhance organization's branding efforts by enabling organizational branding in Edge for Business. With this feature, consumers can incorporate their organization's branding assets from Entra onto profile-related UI for profiles signed in with an Entra ID (formerly known as Azure Active Directory) account. This includes adding organization's name to the profile pill, the name and brand color into the profile flyout, and overlaying the Edge for Business taskbar icon with a custom logo. By implementing this branding, users can easily distinguish between multiple profiles and browser windows.


To enable default organizational branding, administrators can utilize the following policies:

- OrganizationalBrandingOnWorkProfileUIEnabled
- OrganizationLogoOverlayOnAppIconEnabled

Please note that administrators need to configure "company branding" assets in the Microsoft Entra admin center for the branding assets to be applied to this feature. For more information, refer to the Microsoft Edge for Business documentation and learn how to add company branding to your organization's sign-in page.

Edge updates

In an effort to improve user experience and visibility, Microsoft Edge has migrated the updates experience into Browser Essentials. Rather than receiving alerts about available Edge updates through the Settings page, users will now receive them from Browser Essentials. Keep in mind that this feature is being rolled out gradually, so if you don't see it yet, please check back later.

AVIF and AV1 file formats

Microsoft Edge now supports the AVIF and AV1 file formats, which offer better compression and higher-quality images and videos. By supporting these formats, users can enjoy faster loading times and enhanced media quality on websites.

E-tree feature in Wallet

Additionally, Edge 121 introduces the E-tree feature in Wallet for users signed into Microsoft Edge with a personal Microsoft Account (MSA). With E-tree, users can grow a virtual seed into an actual tree. Administrators can control the availability of this feature by using the EdgeWalletEtreeEnabled policy.

Typo Protection

Lastly, to protect users from potential security threats, Edge now offers new Website Typo Protection policies. These policies include built-in warnings that alert users if it seems they have mistyped a popular domain name, which could lead them to a malicious webpage. Administrators can determine the availability and configure Website Typo Protection by using the PreventTyposquattingPromptOverride and TyposquattingAllowListDomains policies.


Policy updates

New policies

EdgeDisableDialProtocolForCastDiscovery - Disable DIAL protocol for cast device discovery
NativeHostsExecutablesLaunchDirectly - Force Windows executable Native Messaging hosts to launch directly
RelatedWebsiteSetsEnabled - Enable Related Website Sets
RelatedWebsiteSetsOverrides - Override Related Website Sets
PreventTyposquattingPromptOverride - Prevent bypassing Edge Website Typo Protection prompts for sites
TyposquattingAllowListDomains - Configure the list of domains for which Edge Website Typo Protection won't trigger warnings

Obsoleted policies

SendMouseEventsDisabledFormControlsEnabled - Control the new behavior for event dispatching on disabled form controls


The official changelog is here. If you need to download the browser, refer to its home page.

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