Kids Mode is coming to Microsoft Edge

Today, Microsoft is rolling out new Kids Mode for the Edge browser. This mode will make Edge more attractive to children, will ensure they are safe on the Internet and visit only approved websites. It is primarily focused on children between the age of 5-12 years.

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When enabled, Kids Mode will apply unique themes for children and turn on Bing SafeSearch. Note: There is currently no information about other search engines. It will also block all the websites except those marked by Microsoft as "kids-friendly" or predefined by parents or caregivers. Kids Mode will be available from the profile selection menu, and you will be able to configure it using the Family settings in Microsoft Edge.

Kids Mode is not a new concept to Microsoft. Back in the Windows Phone era, Microsoft's mobile OS offered a special Kids Corner section with the apps approved by parents. Modern streaming services also offer similar features to make managing the content children consume less complex. Of course, you will have to manually adjust all the settings to make Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge fit your children's specific needs.

Kids Mode for Microsoft Edge will not be available right away. Microsoft will start rolling it out to Edge Canary users, and probably only a handful of these will get the new mode today. Expect the broader roll-out in a couple of weeks. You can download Edge Canary from the official Edge Insiders website.

Microsoft will share more information about Kids Mode for Edge in the coming hours. We will update this post if there is more information to add.


2 thoughts on “Kids Mode is coming to Microsoft Edge

  1. Dave

    So, M$ has the ability to differentiate between you and your children when collecting data, making it more profitable for them.

    Any parent who pays so little attention to what their children are doing in the first place shouldn’t have them.

  2. Microsoft Sux

    Isn’t, that what Microsoft were doing already??? Treating their users as kids???


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